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Sunday’s Play-In matches we a complete rollercoaster of a ride, featuring a Rainbow7 win against Unicorns of Love, and PSG advancing to the group stage. LGD Gaming now ties with Rainbow7 for the 2020 League of Legends World Championship Play-In stage bracket.

Today’s Play-In stage began with a match between League of Legends Japan League team V3 Esports and League of Legends Pro League team LGD Gaming. V3 was already in a tight spot, going into the game after yesterday’s loss against UOL. LGD had two losses, so the odds of them moving on to groups were more in their favor. Fortunately for LGD, they took advantage of V3’s weak laning phase, pushing for 6 kills and almost 4,000 gold difference fifteen minutes in.

In the end, V3 suffered elimination as they experienced their fourth and final loss against their later match LGD.

Rainbow7 defeats Unicorns of Love

The highlighted game of the stage was Latin America’s Rainbow7 against the Continental League’s Unicorns of Love. Every analyst and caster voted in favor of a UOL win, but R7 proved them wrong. Within the first ten minutes, R7 played aggressively and completely took control of the map, showing their dominance in forced team fights and objective control. This match was an overall tough experience for UOL, as they surprisingly lost to R7, a team that showed weakness in the first two matches of Play-Ins. For the most part, R7’s jungler Brandon “Josedeodo” Villegas contributed to most kills and team fight success as he dominated the map with his Evelynn.

Rainbow7’s head coach Lalo “Skin” Saldana commented on the victory, “We started 2-2, honestly I started the competition very weak, I couldn’t give my players the best tools. After the bucket of cold water, we feel more comfortable, freer and with much more desire to continue breaking through.”

PSG Talon qualifying for groups

UOL showed strength as they played and won against LGD, but that quickly diminished once the tiebreaker with PSG Talon came into play. Their match against the PCS team proved a bit tough as they went 5-13 by the end of the game. PSG has now qualified to move on to the group stage and will continue to use their substitutes ahq eSports Club jungler Hsiao “Kongyue” Jen-Tso and mid-laner Chen “Uniboy” Chang-Chu. These players were originally supposed to leave as soon as PSG qualified for groups, but due to visa issues, the original players may not make it to the main event on time.

LGD has now avoided heading home after their tiebreaker victory against V3, and will now compete in an elimination best-of-five series against R7. The winner will face the second seed of Play-In Group A for one of the available two spots in the group stage on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Unicorns of Love will face off against the Group B winner of elimination for the qualification round. Finally, Group B’s second-place team will face off against the Group A winner of the elimination round.

The Worlds 2020 Play-in stage isn’t over yet. Group A will begin playing on Monday, with SuperMassive Esports and Team Liquid opening the stage.

Stay tuned for more League of Legends Worlds news and updates.