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After an amazing season two finals showing, World of Tanks ANZPL is confirmed for season three. We were lucky enough to be present at the season two finals, and we spoke to Jake “JayRated” Truman, the ANZ Product Manager for World of Tanks, on the future. JayRated confirmed that season three will be going ahead.

Season three World of Tanks ANZPL

With all the hype that season one and two created, it’s no wonder World of Tanks ANZPL is back for a third season. Here’s the plan for season three when World of Tanks ANZPL returns, as explained by JayRated.

“Season three is 100% locked in, with our good friends at Fortress running the production and covid-pending of course, another on ground final. I think we can expect to see a formal announcement for that around August with season kicking off in September. And we’d like to have – much like season one – finals happening alongside our ANZ server anniversary for World of Tanks in November. Give it about 4-6 months and we’ll be back right here [at Fortress Melbourne] doing the same thing all over again.”

JayRated also spoke about how working with the Fortress team and putting together World of Tanks ANZPL has really taught both organisations a lot regarding the competition and broadcasting. Both teams have learnt along the way and the league has improved its competition and broadcast value week-on-week. JayRated hopes to include some new things for season three:

“There may be some slight tweaks to the formula going forward. Any changes we make will be positive changes [based on player feedback] and I’m excited to see how they will eventuate.”

Teams returning eager for season three

JayRated isn’t the only one excited for the return of season three. During the season two finals, we spoke to both finalist team captains to see if they were planning to return for season three.

Rowan “Rowendy”, the captain of the North Sydney Sentinels who won the season two final, is keen for season three. After being back-to-back champions, the North Sydney team is eager to defend their title. Rowendy told Upcomer the North Sydney team would love to come back for season three of the competition, saying:

“The plan is to come back and defend the championship. We [do] not want to give it up to anyone.” Matthew “Ravvi”, the captain of the Brisbane Bulldogs, is also keen for the next season. He told Upcomer, not only is he eager to return, but also “I am going to be remaining captain of the Brisbane Bulldogs!”

Both teams will be looking to make a comeback alongside the other state-based teams. Keep an eye out for more announcements on World of Tanks ANZPL Season three soon.