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Wolfe “Wolfey” Glick won the Pokémon Sword and Shield VGC finals at the Pokémon Players Cup II. While The Pokémon Company broadcast the finals on December 13, the competitors played their matches on December 6. Coincidentally, Wolfey won the tournament on his 25th birthday.

In pools, Wolfey beat players like Alex “Lexicon” Underhill and Timo “TapuKimo” Nishimura, but lost to Donald “Donaldwsjr” Smith Jr. Nevertheless, he advanced through the losers bracket into the global top 16. There, Wolfey beat Caleb “Wiji” Wijesinha before Davide “Nirinbo” Carrer sent him to the losers bracket.

Despite this early setback, Wolfey made a deep run through the losers bracket. He kicked it off by eliminating Markus “Chulainn” Sponholz, Miguel “Ahicodem” Pedraza, and Bingjie “Aotobj” Wang. In the top 4, Wolfey defeated Juan “Don” Naar and Jean Paul “JeanPaul” Lopez Buiza.

This led him to a Grand Finals rematch against Nirinbo, the player who sent him to the losers bracket. Impressively, Wolfey won four games straight to reset the bracket and win the tournament over Nirinbo. Wolfey is notable for having won at least one of every kind of Pokémon VGC tournament. He previously won a Regional, National, International, and World Championship, and has now won an online Players Cup.

Interestingly, Wolfey won VGC finals at the Pokémon Players Cup II with many of the same Pokémon that Santino “Santi” Tarquinio used to win the first Players Cup. Both teams included Coalossal, Dragapult, Urshifu, Rillaboom, and Incineroar.

Other results from the Pokémon Players Cup II VGC finals

Though he faltered against Wolfey in Grands, Nirinbo still had a phenomenal run at the Pokémon Players Cup II. In pools, he beat David “DavidPart” Partington and Giuliano “JJac” Giacobelli (twice), while losing to Ahicodem. Then in the final bracket, Nirinbo defeated Federico “AvatarFede” Turano, Wolfey, Don, and JeanPaul.

Will “Snoot” Tom placed 9th in VGC at the Pokémon Players Cup II. In top 16, he defeated David “Hamstermania” Koutesh while losing to Don and Ahicodem. However, Snoot’s most impressive performance happened in pools. Despite losing to “ChocolateChum” in the first round of top 256, he made an incredibly deep losers run. In the process, Snoot eliminated Sam “Zelda” Pandelis and Chris “InfamousChris” Giagozoglou, among others.