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All Normal, Ground-type Pokemon

There's only a few options.

Pokémon has over the years introduced a variety of new types to the game, but two of the oldest and most common are Ground and Normal. Despite these being around so long, you might struggle to find a Pokémon with both.

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Dual-type Pokémon are not rare, in fact, many Pokémon have more than one type. This allows them coverage against more weaknesses and access to a variety of new moves, so it’s great for competitive situations.

If you’re after a Pokémon with both the Ground and Normal types, here is a list of your options.

All Ground and Normal-type Pokémon 

There are very few Pokémon in the series with both Ground and Normal types, in fact, there are only two. These Pokémon were both released as new evolutions years apart.


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Diggersby was the very first Pokémon in the series to boast both Ground and Normal typings. This Pokémon made its debut with Pokémon X and Y, and would later go on to appear in Sun and Moon, Sword and Shield, and of course, Scarlet and Violet.

Normal is the primary type of Diggersby but its secondary type is Ground and as you’d expect it has access to moves of both types. It evolves from Bunnelby which is not a Ground-type Pokémon, just Normal.


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Ursaluna is the latest Pokémon to have both Ground and Normal typings and is the second ever in the franchise’s history. This rare Pokémon made its debut in Legends: Arceus and is an evolution for Ursaring, which does not have a Ground-type.

Ursaluna also appears in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet with a new Bloodmoon Ursaluna form available. This form also has two types, Ground and Normal.

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