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Wolfe “Wolfey” Glicke won VGC Masters at the 2019 Pokémon North American International Championships in Columbus, Ohio on June 23. As a result, Wolfey is the first person to win one of every type of Pokémon tournament. The four types of competitive Pokémon events are Regionals, Nationals, Internationals, and Worlds.

Wolfey entered the top cut of the bracket as the sixth seed with a 10-3 record from Swiss pools. From there, Wolfey had to fight through a gauntlet of strong international players. He started off the top 8 with a victory over Italian player Flavio “Pado” Del Pidio. Then, in Semifinals, Wolfey scored a victory over Peruvian player Jean Paul Lopez Buiza after a three-game set.

Wolfey’s final opponent was the Australian player Graham “Ammodee” Amedee. Despite entering top cut as the eighth seed, Ammodee had an incredibly impressive run to Finals. Along the way, Ammodee defeated No. 1 seed Melvin “Shaman” Keh and No. 4 seed Jonathan “Ezrael” Evans.

Though Ammodee had an impressive run at the Pokémon North American Internationals, Wolfey defeated him rather convincingly in Finals. Wolfey succeeded in part by shutting down Ammodee’s Mega Medicham early on in each match. He also attributed his victory to his unorthodox use of Celesteela.

As previously mentioned, Wolfey has found success in a variety of competitive Pokémon formats in recent years. He is most notable for being the world champion in 2016. However, Wolfey is also a two-time national champion and a six-time regional champion. In addition, he has made it to the top cut of Worlds four times. Wolfey will have the opportunity to compete in the 2019 Pokémon World Championships from August 16 – 18. There, he will be automatically floated to day two of pools.

Other results from the Pokémon North American Internationals

Quentin “Galactic” Colón Roosevelt opened up the Senior Division VGC Finals with a dominant game win over Kareem Muakkit. However, Muakkit managed to excellently adapt his strategy over the course of the next two games. As a result, Muakkit overcame Galactic to become the Senior Division VGC Champion at the Pokémon North American Internationals. Connor Yuen beat Kenneth Fung to become the Junior Division VGC Champion.

Stéphane “Lubyllule” Ivanoff emerged victorious over Emery Taylor in the Pokémon North American Internationals Masters Division TCG Finals. Isaiah Bradner won the Senior Division TCG Finals over Regan Retzloff. Finally, Benny Billinger became the Junior Division TCG Champion by defeating Evan Pavelski.

Chaz “Mewtater” Wright won Pokkén Tournament DX at the Pokémon North American Internationals. He beat Motochika “ELM” Nabeshima in Grand Finals, though ELM made an impressive run through the losers bracket to make it there. Mewtater also defeated Abe “Tonosama” Hisaharu and Allister “ALLISTER” Singh in top 8.

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