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The most recent update, version 1.29, introduced a long-awaited feature into Call of Duty: Warzone. Along with some key bug fixes, the 1.29 update brought the addition of Private Matches. Albeit, the feature is in a beta stage, but players are still excited about the addition. To match other battle royales in the scene, fans have been craving some sort of custom match system. While there are some caveats with the current Private Matches, it still opens the door for a slew of possibilities. One of those possibilities could be an expansion of the competitive scene in Warzone, but only if Activision allows it.

Warzone Private Matches could jumpstart the competitive scene

For the most part, the competitive side of Warzone has consisted of unofficial tournaments. Various streamers and content creators have been given the go-ahead by Activision to create these tournaments. The players within the events are usually other high-profile streamers or known Warzone players. This kind of tournament was on full display with the recent HusKerrs’ Howl.

huskerrs call of duty warzone howl tournament
HusKerrs’ Howl is the latest big tournament to be held in Warzone.

Other than these kinds of events though, there is no real competitive scene in the battle royale. Players do participate in tournaments and compete for money but this isn’t anything official. However, the landscape of the scene shifted with the introduction of Private Matches.

While the system is currently in beta, players can still host up to 50 person lobbies. Although a smaller number than usual, this still presents multiple opportunities. Perhaps Activision could design tournaments where different pools of players are separated into three 50 person lobbies. Then, through a process of elimination, the tournament would come down to one final lobby of 50 players.

It seems likely that Activision has some kind of plan for competitive Warzone. The introduction of Private Matches is a big hint but organizations are also signing professional players. 100 Thieves recently signed one of the better players in the community, Tommey, to its pro roster.

100 thieves sign call of duty pro tommey to warzone team
Image via 100 Thieves

100 Thieves, along with other organizations, wouldn’t sign players if it didn’t think a scene would develop. The beta stage of Private Matches is likely the first step to a more advanced competitive side of Warzone. The only question now is when official events could start happening.

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