Will Modern Warfare 3 have Round-Based Zombies?
Will Modern Warfare 3 have Round-Based Zombies?
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Will Modern Warfare 3 have Round-Based Zombies?

Zombies fans have questions

Zombies is making its first appearance as a game mode in a Modern Warfare title in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. While the mode is being developed by Treyarch, it will combine various elements of the Modern Warfare universe to give players a completely unique experience.

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While we currently have a version of Zombies the full build of MW3, some fans are curious about the classic Round-Based Zombies mode the player base has come to know and love. In this guide, I’ll explain whether or not Round-Based Zombies will have a place in MW3.

Is Round-Based Zombies coming to Modern Warfare 3?

As of the launch of MW3, there are no Round-Based Zombies in the game. Instead, we have a hybrid of DMZ and Outbreak, including PvE elements, real enemy AI, and an extraction-based system with loot you can lose. 

Obviously, this might not attract any fan who was hoping to experience the killing of zombies round-by-round. However, we can’t entirely rule out the possibility of a round-based mode eventually coming to Zombies in MW3. For example, Vanguard zombies did not launch with any sort of round-based mode in Zombies, but Treyarch eventually did develop and implement one post-launch. While that mode was not received well, it did come to the game.

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There is no indication something similar will happen in MW3, but the possibility remains until Activision or Treyarch shoots it down. If a round-based mode were to arrive, though, you can likely expect it months and months after the initial launch of MW3. Activision seems to want players to try out and enjoy the new Zombies mode, so that will likely take center stage for the first half of the game’s life cycle.

For the moment, the current Zombies mode is here to stay in MW3 and looks to be the central focus of the development team. There are already plans to add more content to the mode in the seasons to come.

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