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In the lifetime of competitive Melee, there haven’t been too many top-level Peach mains or floaties in general. However, Theodore “Bladewise” Seybold has been one of the few to do consistently well with Peach for years. In fact, he’s been ranked between #39 and #33 on every iteration of MIOM Top 100/ SSBMRank since 2013 when it began. If that doesn’t exemplify consistency, then what does? And ahead of EVO, the ever-steady Peach main is being endorsed by Will 2 Win Gaming.

Money from the new patron to travel and continue improving his craft will certainly benefit Bladewise. Likewise, Will 2 Win will certainly gain exposure and hopefully a good reputation through patroning the 37th best player of 2017.

As Will 2 Win pointed out, Bladewise has taken sets off of plenty of notable players recently. Most recently, this includes a win over “Squid” Deutsch on his way to a fifth place finish at Runback 2018.

For his part, Bladewise seems perfectly happy for the opportunity that Will 2 Win has provided him. He’s excited to be representing the new organization as their first Melee player and second Smasher overall.

In announcing his endorsement, Bladewise also confirmed that he will be competing at Super Smash Con 2018, Shine 2018, and The Big House 8. He should keep putting together good results that further prove his top 40-level skill as a Melee player–just with Will 2 Win in front of his name.