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League of Legends: Wild Rift esports had a successful inaugural season in North America. The first competitive season will come to its conclusion at the Summoner Series Finals this weekend. Here is a breakdown of who’s playing, what they’re playing for and where to watch.


Over the course of the last three months, teams from across North America have competed in open qualifier events to earn their spot in the eight-team finals. The summoner series started off with an open qualifier for the first of three Majors. The first Major didn’t qualify teams to the Summoner Series finals, but it sent four teams to the second Major, which qualified the first two teams. The top two finishers of Major 2, Tribe Gaming and NME, were the first two teams to qualify for the Finals.

After the second Major, open qualifiers — and the third through sixth place teams from Major 2 — competed at Major 3. At that event, the top four teams qualified for the Finals. Those teams were Immortals, Sentinels, Cloud9 and Grilled Cheese.

The final two teams to make the eight-team finals were decided at the Last Chance Qualifier. The double-elimination event ended up sending teams Choncc Chortle and du du du du du to the Summoner Series Finals.


The Summoner Series Finals will be the first-ever NA LAN event for Wild Rift. The eight teams playing will be flying out to Denver, Colorado with the hopes of leaving as the NA Regional Champion.

The eight teams competing at the Summoner Series Finals will be playing a simple double-elimination bracket. Teams are seeded based on the order they qualified. This means that Tribe Gaming — who won Major 2 — are the first seed, since they were the first team to qualify. They will be playing against du du du du du in the first round as that team was the eighth and final team to qualify.

Each match in the double-elimination bracket will be best-of-three, until the top three teams remain. The winners finals, losers finals and grand finals will be best-of-five. Teams will be competing over a $70,000 prize pool with the winner taking home $30,000 of it. But, more importantly, the winner of the event will be crowned the NA Champion and will represent the region at the Horizon Cup. The Horizon Cup is the first-ever global competition for Wild Rift. That event will bring together the best teams from around the world to compete for a $500,000 prize pool.

Where to watch

Spectators can catch the action live, starting at 3 p.m. ET on Friday, Oct. 8. The event’s matches will take place over the course of the weekend with the finals taking place on Sunday, Oct.10. Spectators can catch the livestream on the official Riot Games Wild Rift channel.