Wild Rift makes all champions free to play until Arcane ends
Wild Rift all champions
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Wild Rift makes all champions free to play until Arcane ends

Wiild Rift Players get the chance to play over 40 champions for free including new Jayce and Cailtyn
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League of Legends: Wild Rift has announced that all champions will be free to all players to celebrate the release of “Arcane.” This offer will last from Nov. 6 to 21 during which all episodes of the Netflix series will be released. Arcane is set to air on Netflix on Nov. 6 at 10 p.m E.T.ย  and this surprise for Wild Rift players is part of the many we have seen so far from Riot Games in promoting the series.

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More on Wild Rift X Arcane free champions

Wild Rift players get a chance to watch the series each week and also test over 40 champions for free. With the release of both Caitlyn and Jayce to the game on Nov. 9, players will also be testing these new champions for free. To do so, players must log in to their Wild Rift accounts and check champion select. If you already have all the champions, only Caitlyn and Jayce will be available to you for free. If a player does not see the champions in the champion select bar, players must level up their accounts and try again.

Furthermore, the Wild Rift developer team earlier teased the arrival of Caitlyn, the Sherriff of Pitlover and Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow to the game. It however stated that Caitlyn will still use her pre-art and sustainability updates animations until 2022. So, players may notice differences in this area with Caitlyn when compared to the PC version.

Wild Rift Arcane Experience

Additionally, Wild Rift will provide players with in-game rewards from Nov. 7 through 27. The Wild Rift Arcane experience begins on Nov. 7 and players must log in every day to unlock rewards. A player can earn a total of 14 rewards by logging in daily. However, these rewards are hidden until you unlock them and they must be unlocked in order. If a player does not claim a reward after unlocking it, the reward will still be available till the event ends.

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