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Daily Esports is proud to partner with the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank team once again to present the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v6 (WWRv6)! The Wi-Fi Warrior Rank rates 50 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players based on their performances at online tournaments. Check out the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank Discord to find out more about Smash Ultimate‘s competitive online scene.

For most regions outside of Japan, this season marked the first full six-month period with Smash Ultimate tournaments totally online. Even so, the Ultimate community has remained active. Today’s article features several longtime Wi-Fi veterans, along with a few newcomers to the online world.

WWRv6: 50-41

Kicking off this year’s WWR is Christopher “TheMightyDialga” Arias, roaring back to the top 50 after spending v5 unranked. This season, TheMightyDialga cemented himself as one of the leading members of a handful of Bayonetta players proving her worth in the current metagame. He got plenty of mileage out of the lucky number nine, reaching 9th place at several high-profile events. Among them were the majors Lockhart Series and Gaming for Tots.

Wins against players like Chag, JMafia, Grayson, and Ravenking propped up this solid record, as he improved upon his top 50 records from his prior WWR appearance. Though he narrowly missed top 8 at WWRv6 events on several occasions, TheMightyDialga’s consistency is an achievement of its own. Show him a stacked tournament, and he’ll churn out a strong performance like clockwork.

Written by: Liam “Cloudhead” Estes

He’s one of the best Diddy Kong and Chrom players in the business and never fails to astonish viewers. At No. 49, New Jersey’s own James “Rivers” Wade makes his WWR debut after a strong slew of performances toward the latter half of the season. Rivers needs little to no introduction thanks to his incredible offline resume. After being largely absent from tournaments during the WWRv5 season, he finally built up a resume in the online Ultimate scene as well.

He started by placing 3rd at MONSTER MASH(ERS), defeating Mr. E, varun, and 8BitMan before falling to Kola. At larger WWRv6 events, like ULTIMATE 32 and Frame Perfect Series 3, Rivers was able to wash even more opponents. His list of wins included Rickles, Pokelam, Sharp, and ChunkyKong. These wins ultimately led him to a 7th place finish at FPS 3 and a 25th place finish at ULTIMATE 32, one of the season’s five S-tier events.

In only a handful of showings in October and November, Rivers was rarely upset by lower-level players. He remained consistent thanks to his proficiency with two very strong characters. Even at events where he drowned earlier on, Rivers still managed to net solid wins along the way, with weaker performances being far fewer than his strong ones. With more tournament performances like these, he could very quickly climb the ranks even further. As we head into the next season, expect Rivers to have his sword polished and ready to swing.

Written by: Sean “GME” Wilkinson

Wi-Fi is known for its wildly fluctuating player base and high rankings turnover. Given this, it’s incredibly impressive to see Jaiden “Middy” Vong taking a rightful place on the WWR once again. Her sixth consecutive appearance is matched by only one other player, and her sixth season was no less solid than the last. She set herself up for success in the early season, placing 25th at the S-tier Super Smash Galaxy and 7th at B-tier Uncivil War: 1st Edition. She added to these results with wins over WWR and PGR regulars alike. Middy won sets over 8BitMan, BestNess, Ned, and Salem.

It’s an easy assumption that once the offline scene can safely reopen, Middy will shift her focus there and climb up the rankings in her home state of Washington and beyond. Until that day, she’ll have every opportunity to do what she always does. Middy dazzles audiences with impressive Pac-Man play, and makes reaching the rankings look effortless.

Written by: Liam “Cloudhead” Estes

Racing in at 47th, Kelsy “SuperGirlKels” Medeiros is the first of many offline pros to make her second WWR appearance. Her return sees her rise more than ten spots due largely to a slew of impressive placings. Chief among them are her 4th place finish at HABBY Birthday 2020, where she took a valuable set over Salem, and a 1st place finish at C-tier F-air Fighting Colosseum.

Add her two top 16 finishes at S-tier tournaments, and you’ve got a fittingly super track record. SuperGirlKels is held back somewhat by a lack of wins over the top 50. Still, she’s a proven competitor who can duke it out with the best of them, online and offline. SuperGirlKels is quickly making herself at home in the online scene. Look for her to keep dashing through brackets as long as she sticks around.

Written by: Liam “Cloudhead” Estes

Coming in at the No. 46 spot is Raffi “Raffi-X” Azar. Raffi-X’s third consecutive appearance on these rankings showcases the level of consistency he brings to the table. Despite a drop-off in rank from the previous season, partially due to lower attendance at major events, he still made a strong impact landing him on the WWRv6 rankings.

Raffi-X’s best performances this season included 17th at Get On My Line, 13th at The Cosmic Kerfuffle, and 9th at The Lunchbox #3. Raffi-X also managed to accrue a list of impressive wins this season. He beat Epic_Gabriel, Ravenking, Skittles!!, and Yez, and boasts a respectable 6-10 record against the top 50. Raffi-X remains in top form, and we’d expect nothing less from him.

Written by: Kyle “Grayola” Gray

Continuing the Sonic brigade is Clement “SuperStriker” Madison in the No. 45 spot on the WWRv6. This marks his third consecutive appearance on the rankings, as well as his highest finish yet. In a season full of region-locked events, SuperStriker is one of the few representatives outside of North America. Of course, this is a testament to his consistency and skill as a player.

His notable placements include 9th at Super Smash Galaxy, 4th at Steal The Show #5: Heist in Smashville and 5th at Smash for RAINN. He was able to pick up wins over impressive opponents such as ChunkyKong, Yez, and YoseFu. He also beat strong unranked opponents, including Enarmonía and Selkie. SuperStriker continues to make his mark on the Ultimate scene as one of the strongest Sonic players on the WWRv6.

Written by: Kyle “Grayola” Gray

Ryan “ChunkyKong” Silva is no stranger in the community, whether it be for his impressive clutch plays with Donkey Kong, or his infamous reputation in Smash.gg chats. ChunkyKong is an incredible threat in bracket that can turn an event upside down at any instance. He now makes an appearance at No. 44 on the WWRv6. Boasting wins on the likes of Salem, Ravenking, Atomsk, Aaron, Sharp, and plenty more, he is not scared of taking on any difficult matchup for his character. In addition to that, he holds many strong placings. These include 2nd place at Get Clipped #3 and 7th place at Gaming for Tots. Outside of majors, you will often find him performing in weekly events as well, sometimes even taking home the gold.

Despite his incredible peaks, ChunkyKong is held back somewhat by inconsistency. A large amount of unranked losses weigh him down from barreling even higher up the ranks. However, he’s improved upon last season on this metric. The rankings have reflected that in a jump of 30 spots. Should his improvement and meteoric rise continue, there’s no telling where he could end up. We eagerly await to see more of ChunkyKong’s performances in future seasons.

Written by: Cyrus “Cagt” Gharakanian

Andrew “enhancedpv” Davis is truly an icon of the online scene. He now appears at No. 43 in his fourth consecutive WWR season. Despite a challenging WWRv6 season with new competitors appearing left and right, he has proven once again that his combination of Cloud and Wolf can still compete with anyone who crosses him. One of his strongest performances was a 5th place finish at the B-tier event Flat Realm #8. There, enhancedpv defeated SKITTLES!! and IcyMist. He also took 9th place at The Lunch Box #3, slashing through Kiyarash, Sinji, Myles, and 8BitMan. At the tail end of the season at Funky Monkey Fracas, enhancedpv took home a bronze medal, but not before achieving wins on both Salem and Lui$.

While he did drop a few spots from the previous season due to a prevalence of losses to unranked players, enhancedpv has continued to show consistency versus some of the best competitors out there. Perhaps even more impressive than his tournament placings are his records on some of the most active and competitive players. These include enhancedpv’s 3-3 record on ChunkyKong, 2-0 record on Kiyarash, and 4-1 record on Lights, someone who proved to be a particular bracket demon for him in early seasons. Only a select few have managed to appear on every iteration of the WWR since Ultimate’s release. But it’s something that enhancedpv will likely continue to do in order to show that he does, indeed, have swag.

Written by: Sean “GME” Wilkinson

The Peach extraordinaire Ricky “LingLing” Gorritz is here at No. 42 on the WWRv6. While he may not have been nearly as active at the end of the season as he was previously, he still continued to deliver amazing performances in bracket whenever he entered. LingLing has gotten wins over the likes of Chag, 8BitMan, and Br1 AV. With placements such as 1st at Ribbon’s Rainbow Rumble and 2nd at Get Clipped #4, he is an incredibly fearful competitor in every way.

You will often find LingLing in more niche online brackets. He takes home the gold at many of them, and reaches top 6 at others. We hope to see him return in larger events next season to admire more of his aggressive, destructive gameplay.

Written by: Cyrus “Cagt” Gharakanian


Though he delved into online for the first time this season, Luis Nery Flores is certainly no stranger to competition. As one of Mexico’s finest offline players, his WWRv6 debut at No. 41 marks the first time a solo Isabelle main has ever been ranked. Despite a handful of solid showings throughout the season, Nery may not have been on everybody’s radar at first. However, Nery absolutely made it count when it came to B- and C-tier events. At August’s Memes Tournament, he took 2nd place. There, Nery fell to Wrath after three hard-fought sets, winning one earlier in the bracket but ultimately losing twice in Grand Finals. However, the event that truly put him on the map was Flat Realm #8. At that event, Nery defeated Kiyarash, 8BitMan, Sonix, Sharp, and FullBloom twice in order to secure 2nd place.

As one of the best Isabelle players in the world, Nery’s success is unsurprising to the many breeds of players he has defeated throughout his career. With few hiccups along the way, he typically only lost to the best of the best. In fact, his only loss outside the top 50 came against a former WWR-ranked player. In only a few tournaments, Nery has managed to make his mark on the scene. He is capable of even more if he enters more large events in the coming season. As we head into the next season, watch out for Nery as he unleashes his Isabelle at even more events.

Written by: Sean “GME” Wilkinson

Make sure to check back on Wednesday, January 20, as the rankings continue with the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v6: 40-31!