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Daily Esports is proud to partner with the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank team once again to present the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v5 (WWRv5)! The Wi-Fi Warrior Rank rates 75 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players based on their performances at online tournaments. Check out the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank Discord to find out more about Smash Ultimate‘s competitive online scene.

Today’s article features another group of talented top players. While some of them are renowned for their online performances, others are better-known for their prowess offline. In fact, as we crack the WWRv5 top 50, a PGR top 5 player will make an appearance.

WWRv5: 60-46

At No. 60 overall, Ohio’s own “Sogoodpop” fits perfectly as today’s first-revealed player. With a Wii Fit Trainer that few can easily contest, he makes his return for the second season in a row as the sole representative of his character. One of his most impressive showings was at the B-tier Hitpoint Online Tournament in April. There, he placed 9th out of 512 entrants as he took a set from Sonix, a tough opponent for any player to pin down. Sogoodpop came in hot at this season’s majors as well. He placed 25th at Pound Online, defeating the PGR-ranked Salem, and 17th at Rev It Up, beating yumeko. At other B- and C-tier events, he took sets off of some of the game’s finest. Sogoodpop has beaten LingLing and GamingHI9x9, taken two sets off of SuperStriker, and more.

Despite many strong results this season, Sogoodpop had more losses to players outside of the top 75 than within it. Naturally, this weighed down his otherwise impressive season. However, if his peaks have anything to say, it’s that this trainer is more than capable of strengthening his gameplay and coming back ranked even higher in 2020’s second half and onward.

Written by: Sean “GME” Wilkinson | Edited by: Stuart “Stuart98” Hepworth

Making history as the WWR’s first ever Lucas, Webb “WebbJP” J. makes himself right at home at No. 59. Steady improvement was the name of the game for WebbJP this season, as each major tournament saw him place higher than the last. This culminated with his 13th place finish at Online Olympus, where he took out Br1 AV. In addition, he placed 17th at UNW #12 with a victory over SKITTLES!!.

In the final weeks of the season, WebbJP won the Helix Gaming Tournament Series over GamingHI9x9, Br1 AV, and more to claim his first WWRv5 event victory. His other notable wins throughout the season included Benny&thejets, SuperStriker, and RatedRudy. Though he made his big breakout this season, he enters the next as a known and feared name. Don’t get tangled up with Webb if you know what’s good for you.

Written by: Liam “Cloudhead” Estes | Edited by: Stuart “Stuart98” Hepworth

Canada’s best Sonic player spent the first year of Ultimate outside of the spotlight. However, Kelsy “LZR | SuperGirlKels” Medeiros made a splash in the Wi-Fi scene during the first half of 2020. Although SuperGirlKels only attended five WWRv5 events, her performances were strong enough to earn her a spot in the top 60. The highlights of her season were dual 9th place finishes at S-tier events. At Pound Online, she suffered an early loss to Bloom4Eva, but made an impressive losers run that saw her defeat players like Mr.L, BluStriker, Sogoodpop, and Pokelam before falling to Dabuz just outside of  top 8. After falling to Raffi-X at Collision Online, she eliminated Mr. E and The6Master before losing to Ravenking for 9th place again.

Also of note was SuperGirlKels’ 3rd place finish at Times Union Esports Tournament. At that event, she took down Loaf and Yez while losing to Goblin twice. With only two unranked losses, SuperGirlKels showed impressive consistency in a scene notorious for its inconsistency. As a result, she has set herself up to rank even higher in the future should her attendance increase.

Written by: Stuart “Stuart98” Hepworth | Edited by: Liam “Cloudhead” Estes

The best player in the Pacific Northwest broke out into the upper echelons of competitive Smash in 2019. Now, Eric “IluZ | Pandarian” Lund has carried that success onto the Wi-Fi scene. His season started slowly, as he endured unfortunate early losses to Kola and BestNess for 25th place at the Soaked Series Invitational, and was upset twice for 97th place at The Quarantine Series Major.

Not to be discouraged, he followed this up with his best performance of the season at The Box. Pandarian took down C-, colinies, and even Lights to place 13th, while losing only to JW and ESAM. The next week, he took the gold at Inside Summer Series #1. In the process, he beat SZB, SuperStriker, FatNess, and enhancedpv. Pandarian ended the season right by placing 5th at Playing for Pride, where he bested BluStriker and Mr. E. Pandarian’s consistency is reflected in his +27 X-Factor, which confirms that he and his signature Pokémon Trainer remain just as threatening online as they were in person.

Written by: Stuart “Stuart98” Hepworth | Edited by: Liam “Cloudhead” Estes

Gliding onto the WWRv5, Mexico’s best Palutena and Inkling player Santiago “Chag” Perez makes his debut at No. 56. His peak achievement of the season was his 17th place finish at Rev It Up 2020. There, Chag nabbed wins on holopup, The6Master, and even Tweek. His other notable placements included 1st at Place Your Bets, where he beat Sharp twice in Grand Finals, and 17th at Mazer Gaming 1k Tournament, where he beat FatNess and Hungrybox.

Chag’s even 6-6 record against the top 75 should demonstrate his ability to pose a challenge to anyone he might find in his bracket. So be on the lookout for this godlike player; he’s sure to make a splash wherever he goes.

Written by: “Dexy” | Edited by: Stuart “Stuart98” Hepworth

St. Louis’ strongest Ultimate player, Dylan “ApolloKage” J., makes his debut as the WWRv5’s No. 55. Holding down the fort as Snake, he started the season incredibly strong in February at Revival of Smash Station 7. At that event, ApolloKage defeated Pokelam and Frostbyte, and conquered Marvale in both Winners and Grand Finals to place 1st. His season was strengthened even further with a 7th place finish at Rev It Up and a 9th place finish at UNW #12. ApolloKage picked up wins over Ravenking, enhancedpv, Smallleft, holopup, and more at these two heavy-hitting S-tier events.

A negative X-Factor may be indicative of the fact that he did not attend any tournaments other than the aforementioned, making it easy for him to fly under the radar. However, when he did show up, ApolloKage was more than capable of competing with the best of the best and more than earned his placing this season. Keep an eye out for him and the explosives he’ll set on stage the next time you see him at a major tournament.

Written by: Sean “GME” Wilkinson | Edited by: Liam “Cloudhead” Estes

Here’s a face that we haven’t seen on the WWR since Smash 4. Justin “LR | Justin” Beauregard and his Samuses placed 54th after a very impressive season. His former main, Roy, remains as a secondary, but now the Canadian Charge Shot specialist is taking bigger names at bigger events than ever before. Justin boasted strong peaks at challenging tournaments, which very few were capable of matching. His placements included 33rd at both Pound Online and the Quarantine Series Minor, as well as 17th at Collision Online.

Throughout the WWRv5 season, Justin defeated Benny&thejets twice, while also beating Riddles, Snormanda, Peabnut, and even Sonix. Such wins prove that this Samus main has what it takes to blast through the competition. As the top representative of his character both online and in his country, Justin will certainly continue to impress us with his gameplay.

Written by: Sean “GME” Wilkinson | Edited by: Stuart “Stuart98” Hepworth

Returning for a third consecutive season, Keven “Atticus” Gonzalez hatches himself a solid No. 53! Though he didn’t rise up the ranks this time, that speaks more to the stacked competition in quarantine. Atticus’ season was still incredibly strong. Atticus collected nine set wins against other WWRv5 players. His consistent top 64 placings are to be admired as well. In particular, he placed 33rd and 49th at Collision Online and UNW #12, respectively.

However, the pinnacle of his season came at the B-tier Every Man for Himself. After losing his round one match, Atticus stepped on the gas and made the losers run of a lifetime. He took down Lights, rm8, and Br1 AV on the way to winning a bronze medal. At other B-tiers, he collected egg-cellent wins over Airswimmer, Sharp, Skew, and Sytonix. Despite a stacked season, Atticus is still a feared name due to the cultivation of his hard work. He’ll certainly be looking to keep making a name for himself, so the rest of the galaxy watches him at the center.

Written by: Michael “Deathyrus” Garcia | Edited by: Liam “Cloudhead” Estes

It’s a bird! It’s a Nair-plane! No, it’s Ryan “Ravenking” McDonough, flying into yet another installment of the WWR. His most notable result of the season comes from Collision Online, where he finished at a very impressive 5th place. There he beat Maister and Stretch, before taking on the Sonic gauntlet of Zach67671, TonyZTank, and SuperGirlKels. He beat each of these speed demons before finally falling to SuperStriker and Epic_Gabriel.

At other events during the season, Ravenking gathered wins on strong names like Cosmos, Hungrybox, Smallleft, and many more. His abnormally high X-Factor likely stems from his remarkable placements and wins gathered at ineligible subscriber-only tournaments. Knowing this, we are confident that Ravenking is more than capable of rising up much higher in future rankings.

Written by: Mitch “TacosBrick” Blake | Edited by: Stuart “Stuart98” Hepworth

If you live in Tristate, chances are you’ve played against a Palutena at a tournament. The question is if you have ever played one the best in Tristate: Alan “Gen” Soriano. This New York power-ranked Palutena makes his first appearance here on the WWRv5, sitting at No. 51!

Lighting up his season with an onslaught of fantastic wins, Gen made a name for himself right out of the gate at S-tier Pound Online. There, he took down Syrup, Raffi-X, and Epic_Gabriel back-to-back before falling to Cosmos 1-3 to place 9th. A month later, he entered the S-tier Collision Online and placed 49th. In the process, Gen defeated Drystan, Varun, and SKITTLES!! These new-gen players better be careful if they run into Gen, because he will turn heads no matter where he plays. While that happens, you’ll certainly hear all the Tristate goons scream in unison: “LET’S GO ALAN!!!”

Written by: Michael “Deathyrus” Garcia | Edited by: Liam “Cloudhead” Estes

Making his mark as the first ever player from Spain on the WWR, Andrés “gBots | AndresFn” Fariñas punches in at No. 50 this season. Utilizing both Ken and Ryu, he’s managed to make quite the name for himself despite seemingly just appearing this season. AndresFn took sets off of some of the toughest opponents out there, including The6Master, Yez, sebayee, TonyZTank, and enhancedpv. In addition, he boasts an incredible 3-0 record on Sharp.

AndresFn is no stranger to the top 8 of B- and C-tier events. He placed 3rd at both WiFi is SS-tier and Straight out of Smash Station 2, and 1st at CGL Cash Grab 2. Nine unranked losses prevented AndresFn from ranking any higher this season. Even so, the strength of his peaks was enough to secure his top 50 ranking. This Madridian will likely continue his rise as he utilizes Ken to the character’s fullest potential, launching his opponents far into the blast zone.

Written by: Sean “GME” Wilkinson | Edited by: Stuart “Stuart98” Hepworth

Defying his own low expectations, Ezra “eU | Samsora” Morris makes his WWR debut in the top 50. Samsora’s WWRv5 season was punctuated by a few strong performances at the season’s S-tiers. Samsora opened the season with his strongest performance at the Soaked Series Invitational. There, he suffered an early loss to Pokelam, but made an impressive losers run, beating the likes of Goblin, Sharp, and Pelca to place 9th.

At the Quarantine Series Minor, Samsora defeated Plup before falling to Glutonny and Cosmos at 17th place. He repeated this placing at the Quarantine Series Major, with wins over Colmar, colinies, and others. He faltered somewhat at The Box, losing his first round to Palpiblade. However, he still won 12 consecutive sets in losers before being bested by SKITTLES!! to place 65th. Samsora’s season certainly did not have finished as strong as it started at the Soaked Series Invitational. Still, there’s no doubt the best Peach in the world has it in him to repeat that success in the future.

Written by: Stuart “Stuart98” Hepworth | Edited by: Liam “Cloudhead” Estes

Clement “SuperStriker” Madison returns to the ranks at No. 48, just one spot below his ranking from last season. Don’t mistake that for a drop off in results, however, as it came in the face of the strongest competition the WWR has seen yet. Attending more tournaments than anyone else in the top 75, SuperStriker’s 46 events were a mixed bag of highs and lows.

SuperStriker’s skill was on full display as early as the C-tier event Final Floof. There, he placed 2nd and scored coveted wins over Sytonix, Goblin, and Sparg0. He made it to the big stage again at Collision Online, defeating Ravenking, Kofi, and more before landing in 5th place at the S-tier. Though his prolific attendance resulted in peaks and valleys alike, the peaks outshone all else this season and delivered him a solid return to the WWR. Will he make it for a third straight season for v6? There’s a joke to be made about three strikes here.

Written by: Liam “Cloudhead” Estes | Edited by: Stuart “Stuart98” Hepworth

One of the best Mr. Game & Watch players since Smash 4, Alejandro “Regi Shikimi” Martinez Nunez drops in at No. 47 on the WWRv5. Game & Watch mains have to be masters of getting 9s, so his 9th place finish at Rev It Up 2020 comes as no surprise. There, he beat Sogoodpop and Kofi, and bested Frido in the ditto. Regi Shikimi also earned a strong lineup of good B- and C-tier tournament results, with three separate top 3 finishes. The best of these was his 3rd place finish at Hitpoint Online Tournament, where he defeated Sytonix, SKITTLES!!, and Goblin.

Despite hammering out such a wide range of tournament finishes, we can be sure there’s no RNG involved here. As long as his tried and true Game & Watch remains on the character select screen, Regi Shikimi will remain a force to be reckoned with.

Written by: Mitch “TacosBrick” Blake | Edited by: Liam “Cloudhead” Estes

One of the top players of the Gainesville & North Florida regions, Ben “The6Master” Moreau makes his appearance at No. 46 on the WWRv5. While his Twitter personality in the past may have led some people to believe he is nothing more than a jokester, his results are no laughing matter. His peak event of the season was a 2nd place finish at Glowpoint Happyhour #1. The6Master took two sets off Sonix as this event, along with netting wins on ChunkyKong and FlashBlaziken.

The6Master’s other notable placements included 17th at UNW #12, 2nd at Self Quarantine Birthday Clash, 25th at the Quarantine Series Major, and 13th at Collision Online. He garnered wins over Benny&thejets, Cosmos, Goblin, Tarik, and more, throughout the season. As a result, he has proven himself to be quite the fearsome competitor. As one of the best Pac-Man players in the business, The6Master is consistently a top threat to watch out for in bracket. We can’t wait to see what else he has in his bag of tricks.

Written by: Cyrus “Cagt” Gharakhanian | Edited by: Stuart “Stuart98” Hepworth

Make sure to check back on Friday, July 24, as the rankings continue with the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v5: 45-31!