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Daily Esports is proud to partner with Liam “Cloudhead” Estes to bring you the Wi-fi Warrior Rank v4! The WWRv4 ranks 50 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players based on their performances at online tournaments. Check out the Wi-fi Warrior Rank Discord to find out more about Smash Ultimate’s competitive online scene.

Today’s iteration of the WWRv4 will reveal the first ten players to make the cut. The 50-41 section includes plenty of new faces, along with a handful of veterans. One player even makes his return to the WWR for the first time since Smash 4!

WWRv4: 50-41

Kicking off the WWRv4, Sebastian “SebbyRed” Red makes his WWR debut with a string of solid A-tier results. With a Palutena complemented by a wide roster of secondaries, SebbyRed’s crowning achievement came at Ultimate Naifu Wars: Clash for Kongo Saga, where he reached an impressive 5th place. Wins over such players as Jerry, Kigumin, and S0N1C3167 supported his results and led him to the 50th spot. With the potential for a larger sample size ahead, SebbyRed is one of the most intriguing names on this season’s ranking, and he has the potential to reach even greater heights in the future.

Kaden “PKMudkip” J. thundered through the brackets this season, making his WWR debut at #49. His peak placement of the season came with a 3rd place finish at the B-tier JMSF #8, during which he took sets from players such as Blade and Airswimmer. Across a number of other top 16 performances at A-tiers, he added sets on Conway, Joxon, Urameshi, and several others. PKMudkip has shown a remarkable ability to balance his bracket runs with TOing duties in the ECLIPSE series, so don’t let your guard down just because he’s on the staff. He may be good at setting up the bracket, but he’s not afraid to tear it back down.

One of a small handful of players to appear on every WWR across both Smash 4 and Ultimate, “IcyMist” returns for round four at #48. Her varied character roster took her to great heights. Her season culminated in a bronze medal finish at Clash for Kongo Saga, during which she defeated SebbyRed, Fail, Mr.L, and Middy, among others. Whether she returns for the v5 season may depend on nothing more than her attendance, as she was able to reach top 50 this season with a remarkably small sample size. For now, she continues to make a name for herself as one of the longest-lasting icons of the online scene.

Contrary to what you might expect, it took four seasons for a Sonic to reach top 50 on the WWR. But Klem “SuperStriker” Madi has finally done it, zooming onto the scene at #47 on the WWRv4. Consistent placements were the key in his season. SuperStriker reached top 16 at four tournaments, including 9th place finishes at both Smash Legends #3 and Straight Outta Smashville Hardcover Volume 2. The first-ever WWR representative from Belgium, SuperStriker will look to make a return next season, keeping both his character and his country on the map.

Making the most of his sparse online appearances, Alex “Rorta” G. makes his first-ever WWR appearance at 46th place. A Shoto specialist, he managed to reach 9th place at twin B-tier tournaments. Along the way, he collected wins on players like Epic_Gabriel, MarktheSDKing, and Sword. Top 8 can’t be far away for a player of Rorta’s caliber, as he heads into the new season as the first-ever Ken representative on the top 50. Can you see him returning to the top 50 next season if he keeps up this form? Shoryuken!

Michael “Sassyflygon” Prass brought the pain this season and took his rightful place at #45. He made the most of an early-season explosion; his two top 8 results came at the first two open-entry events of the WWRv4 season. At Take the L Tuesdays: Take The Throne Edition, he defeated Sumgai, Sylver, and Poison, scoring 7th place at the first A-tier event of the season. Continuing a theme in this segment of the ranking, there’s no telling where a full season of Sassyflygon would land. But this Luigi specialist has made his mark with ease this season, and he’ll keep on handing out Ls everywhere he goes.

A veteran of the WWRv1 and v2 seasons, “Urameshi” returns to the top 50 after one season of absence. Pairing his tried and true Meta Knight with a shiny new Snake co-main, he scored some stellar results. Urameshi placed 2nd at the B-tier event The Harmony. In addition, he took victories over Joxon, Kusa, and Sharp over the course of the season. Despite taking 44th place this season, his peaks prove he hasn’t lost the talent that saw him reach the #1 spot just over a year ago. Whether he’s accosting the air with Galaxia or littering the ground with deadly explosions, Urameshi is a force to be reckoned with. You’d best bet on him if he returns for the v5 season.

Words can’t begin to describe the wonder of Andrik “Soki” Gonzales, unless perhaps “sexo” is that word. Wi-fi’s premier Falcon main returns to the rankings thanks to a handful of scorching showings. Among them was a top 8 finish at a massive Ultimate Naifu Wars #6. There, he defeated RatedRudy, sebayeeeee, Uhh, and Whisky in quick succession. One of Mexico’s most notable online presences, Soki is guaranteed to put on a show wherever he goes, and he’ll look good doing it. Another season like this, and he’s all but guaranteed to punch his ticket to the top 50 again.

Formerly known as one of the many Hydras of the Wi-fi scene, “Weiss” debuts his new tag just in time to show off a brand-new #42 rank on the WWRv4. This season saw him score top 8 at two different B-tier events. He also took wins against Pokelam and his at-the-time name twin, Hydra. Though those two sets were his only top 50 wins this season, his consistently high placings are to be admired. All eyes are on Weiss as he enters the WWRv5 season, where he’ll look to keep making a name for himself. And this time, it’ll be one he doesn’t have to share with anybody else.

Rising five spots from his previous rank, Jake “Jakamu” M. returns to the WWR as one of the best Zero Suit Samus players in the business. A slew of top 8 finishes across multiple differently-tiered events helped bring him to the #41 spot. Jakamu also scored victories on Mj, Rorta, Sogoodpop, and SuperStriker. Jakamu is one of the most quietly consistent players in the scene. As a result, he is a threat to make top 8 at any tournament he enters. Nothing should change about that in the future, as he continues to flip the script against anyone who underestimates him.

Make sure to check back on Thursday, Jan. 23 for the WWRv 4: 40-31!