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Daily Esports is proud to partner with Liam “Cloudhead” Estes, Mitch “Tacos” Blake, and “Dexy” to bring you the WWRv4! The Wi-fi Warrior Rank rates 50 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players based on their performances at online tournaments. Check out the Wi-fi Warrior Rank Discord to find out more about Smash Ultimate‘s competitive online scene.

Today’s batch of WWRv4 inductees features a diverse array of characters. In fact, there is no overlap in the characters that these ten players main. Low-tiers, mid-tiers, and high-tiers alike make an appearance in the 40-31 section of the rankings.

WWRv4: 40-31

WWRv4 #40: BattlePuP

Cathal “BattlePuP” Collins makes his second consecutive WWR appearance, rising one spot to #40 on the WWRv4. A top 8 finish at the A-tier Clash for Kongo Saga marked the highlight of his season, during which he took an important set over Benny&thejets. Several other high placings, as well as wins over Atticus, Sylver, Superstriker, and more, complemented these results to bring him right back into the top 40.

As one of the few champions of Ireland in the online scene at large, BattlePuP doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. If he keeps his trajectory, he’s got it in him to rise more than just one spot next season.

WWRv4 #39 Ravenking

You’ll get no sympathy from Ryan “Ravenking” McDonough, but you will get some impressive results no matter where he goes. He began his season with a strong ninth-place finish at the SL 2 Year Anniversary, one of his first online events in some time. Weeks later, he returned to headline ECLIPSE: Ravenking Edition and showed why he was chosen as the featured competitor. He defeated Slainey and Uhh and double-eliminated Hydra on the way to a third-place finish.

As one of the best players not just online, but in his strong home region of Chicago as well, there’s not much that can stop Ravenking when his sights are set on victory.

WWRv4 #38 C-

Don’t let Christian “C-“ M.’s tag fool you – his performance this season deserves nothing short of an A+. He put on his best showings at B-tier events this season, scoring top 8 finishes at both Hardcover Edition Vol. 3 and the Zenith Online Monthly #1. Over the course of the WWRv4 season, he took wins over players such as enhancedpv, Frawg, and Uhh, proving he can throw hands (and grenades) with the best of them. C- can wear camo all he wants, but nothing can hide his skill or the standout results it gets him.

WWRv4 #37 Xtra

Xavier “Xtra” Loor makes his first appearance on the WWR, clawing his way to the #37 spot amid a brief but stellar season. He began his season late in November at JMSF #10 but made it count with a third-place finish and a 3-0 victory over ShinyMark. Just one week later, he returned for ECLIPSE: Homecoming. There, he ran through enhancedpv, sebayeeeee, SZB, and more on the way to fourth place at the B-tier event.

Marking the debut of any Bowser main on the WWR, Xtra’s potential in a fuller season is close to limitless. He should be feared in any tournament he appears in.

WWRv4 #36 Sylver

For the second straight season, Syl “Sylver” V. takes his place on the WWR as the sole French representative. This time, however, he is 13 spots higher at #36. While last season saw him use primarily Pichu, he complemented his old main with new co-mains and secondaries this time around. In particular, he scored a seventh-place finish at ECLIPSE: Ravenking Edition with solo Mario, taking wins over enhancedpv, Pokelam, and more.

Along with his Pichu’s ninth-place finish at the B-tier SnR Charity Monthly 3 and his Hero finishing 17th at Take The Throne Edition, Sylver has proven he can win with any character he commits to. If that winning continues, he won’t be going anywhere when it’s time for the next ranking.

WWRv4 #35 Conway

The undisputed best Jigglypuff in the online scene, “Conway” makes his WWR debut at #35. In doing so, he has become the first Puff on the ranking in Ultimate. A bronze medal at B-tier JMSF #7 headlines his season, during which he took wins over Atticus and MarktheSDKing. With this peak alongside high finishes at events such as Relaxing Station and JMSF #11, he showed his capability of reaching impressive heights with a character many consider to be low- or even bottom-tier.

In addition to his performances in WWRv4 tournaments, Conway is also one of the head organizers for TVSeries. There are those who wouldn’t be able to juggle both TOing and deep bracket runs, but Conway has proven himself able. The only time he rests is to take a stock.

WWRv4#34 Riley

The best Dedede in the scene and one of the biggest stars on the Arpeggio crew, Riley M. makes a return appearance to the WWRv4 at #34. Riley made fewer appearances than he did last season on the way to 11th place. Even so, he netted excellent results in his showings this season. He took fifth place at the SCSC Season 1 Championship and became the first player in the season to eliminate king_chris, the incumbent #1. He followed it up with another fifth place, this time at the A-tier Take The Throne Edition. There, he took down MiLe and Sassyflygon.

When he comes down from his castle, Riley is still as good as ever. If you think he’s anything less than an unstoppable force, then you must still be in Dream Land.

WWRv4#33 KirbyKid

When he’s not vlogging his travels through the many stages of Smash Ultimate, Luke “KirbyKid” Richmond can be found ruling over brackets far and wide. Utilizing a rare combination of King K. Rool and Banjo & Kazooie, KirbyKid’s biggest and baddest result came at JMSF #10. Defeating RatedRudy, sebayeeeee, and Xtra, and taking a 3-2 victory over king_chris with Banjo, he finished in second place at one of the most deceptively stacked events of the season.

KirbyKid is the best K. Rool in the online scene and one of the best in the world. As a result, he’s living proof that any character can succeed in Ultimate with the right player holding the controller. He’s proven himself to be the right player. Heading into the v5 season, he has his sights set on an even higher finish.

WWRv4#32 Uhh

When the tag is this good, you can only hope the player will be too, and Kyle “Uhh” G. delivers. He scored solid results all throughout the WWRv4 season. Uhh most notably placed 5th at ECLIPSE: Ravenking Edition. He also had top 32 finishes at a number of A-tiers. Across these events and others, he took sets from players such as BeJay, enhancedpv, Frawg, and Sogoodpop.

As one of the best Ness players in the business, you’d better not hesitate for a moment when facing Uhh. If you do, he’ll take that opening and give you a free trip to the blast zone.

WWRv4#31 TheMightyDialga

There are those who claim that a solo Bayonetta player can’t cut it in Ultimate. Then there are those like Christopher “TheMightyDialga” Arias, who set out to prove them wrong. After landing in Area 51 in Smash 4‘s final ranking, TheMightyDialga makes his top 50 debut at #31. His ranking is supported by top 8 finishes at consecutive JMSF tournaments. He also scored top 24 finishes at four different A-tier tournaments. Wins on strong players such as Atticus, RobinGG, and Sumgai also highlighted his season.

While the transition from Smash 4 to Ultimate may have turned TheMightyDialga from a top tier terror to a low tier hero, it changed nothing about his skill as a player. He’ll look to continue his rise up the standings in the v5 season.

Make sure to check back on Monday, Jan. 27 for the WWRv 4: 30-21!