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Season 6 of Call of Duty Mobile introduced a flurry of weapon changes that has the meta swirling around for many players. Right now, there isn’t a set consensus on the best weapon to use. The AK117 got a huge buff, but is it really the best AR? The MX9 was just brought into the game, but should players put their time into it?

At this time, the MX9 has yet to be unlocked by a majority of players. As such, its power isn’t too well-known yet. However, once players begin to level it up, they’ll see why it’s the best SMG to use in Season 6 of COD Mobile.

The best SMG to use in COD Mobile

According to its in-game stats, the MX9 features extremely balanced stats. While they’re not as high as something like the PP19 Bizon, the MX9 has a higher fire rate and is more mobile. For players that are concerned about the MX9’s damage, it doesn’t take too many bullets to kill an enemy.

However, at range, the MX9 must utilize its recommended loadout to get a bit more damage range. At close-range, however, the new Season 6 SMG can down an enemy in three upper body shots.

MX9 unlock in COD Mobile
The MX9 on the Season 6 Battle Pass. | Provided by Activision

The reason the MX9 is placed above the PP19 Bizon, and other weapons like the QXR and QQ9 in Season 6, is because of its mobility and accuracy. While the above-average fire rate also helps, the MX9’s added mobility enables it to be even more effective in close-range. For anything outside of close-range, the MX9’s recoil is almost nothing when using its top loadout. Paired with its solid damage, fans will be surprised at how fast they can mow down enemies regardless of the range.

While the race for best SMG in COD Mobile is closer than other weapon categories, the MX9 has an edge. Whenever players unlock it through the Season 6 Battle Pass, they should certainly spend some hours ranking it up.