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When it comes to picking a sniper rifle in COD Mobile, the choices can be a bit daunting. There are several options that don’t seem to have many differences, as most of the snipers are bolt-action with high damage. Choices like the NA-45, DL Q33, Locus and Outlaw all make players question which is the actual best in class. Ultimately, in Season 6, the choice that many players are going with is the Locus.

There are plenty of reasons to pick the Locus as the best sniper in COD Mobile Season 6. However, the characteristic that puts it over the top is its mobility. Most of the other bolt-action snipers feel clunkier than the Locus, leading to slower movement. This makes quickscoping harder and, in COD Mobile, quickscoping is above all else in sniping.

The Locus is the best sniper in COD Mobile

The Locus has been in the S-tier of COD Mobile weapons since it was introduced in September of 2020. It’s always had a few competitors (namely the DL Q33 and Arctic .50) but the Locus is a league ahead of its competition.

The stats for the Black Ops 3 sniper are simply better than its in-class counterparts. Its damage, controls and accuracy are nearly unparalleled in Season 6. Pair this with above-average mobility, range and fire rate, and the choice for the best sniper becomes much easier.

Players have a ton of versatility in their hands when they equip the Locus. Using the gun’s recommended loadout allows players to become a quickscoping phenom. However, players can still utilize the Locus at long-range and one-hit enemies with a nicely placed headshot.

Many of the other classes feature tighter races when it comes to labeling the best in class. That story doesn’t ring true with the sniper rifle class, however, as the Locus is the clear-cut best option in COD Mobile.