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The pistol category in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War currently only boasts three weapons. While the AMP63 is coming later in Season 3, it’s not available as of the time of writing. This means that the determination of the best pistol comes down to three guns: the 1911, Diamatti and Magnum.

For a majority of Black Ops Cold War’s life cycle, there’s been one pistol at the head of the pack. The 1911 was once leading the way but, since Season 1, the Diamatti has taken over as the best pistol. An argument can be made for each of the guns in the class but the other two simply can’t match the Diamatti’s production.

Best pistol in Black Ops Cold War

Like most other “best in class” weapons, there’s a reason that professional players use the Diamatti. It’s a classic Treyarch three-round burst pistol — which have become a staple of any Black Ops title. Following in the footsteps of the B23R, RK5 and RK7, the Diamatti is the clear frontrunner in its respective category.

By itself, the three-round burst pistol isn’t anything special. In fact, both the 1911 and Magnum are arguably better options when comparing base versions. However, the Diamatti leapfrogs over its pistol brothers when players unlock the Akimbo attachment. This allows players to wield two of the guns, doubling the damage and fire rate.

The Diamatti pistols in Black Ops Cold War
The Diamatti with the Akimbo attachment makes it the best pistol in Black Ops Cold War. | Provided by Activision

Of course, this limits the Diamatti’s production at longer ranges but a pistol isn’t meant for anything beyond 20 meters or so. With the Akimbo attachment and the rest of the recommended loadout, the Diamatti becomes a pocket shotgun. It can dismantle enemies in one press of both triggers; a feat that not many other weapons can boast.

The pistols in Black Ops Cold War are all usable but the Diamatti, when fully upgraded, is the clear-cut best option.