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Season 6 of COD Mobile introduced a plethora of weapon changes to the battlefield. From the huge AK117 nerf to smaller changes in a wide range of guns, players are confused as to what the meta is right now. While the king of the SMGs was crowned when the developers released the MX9, want to know which AR is considered the best in class.

Although there are several guns that could take that title, it’s the AS VAL that stands above the rest. For multiple seasons, the AS VAL has climbed the tier list of COD Mobile weapons. In Season 6, though, it rests comfortably at the top of assault rifles, and for good reason.

The best AR to use in COD Mobile Season 6

The other ARs in contention for the best in class are the CR-56 AMAX, DR-H and AK117. The AK was buffed significantly in Season 6, leading to its charge to the S-tier, but the AMAX and DR-H have been top weapons for some time. However, neither can truly match the AS VAL’s versatility.

The true reason why the AS VAL is the best in Season 6 is because of its capability to excel at any range. It has enough mobility to best an SMG/AR hybrid that can dominate up close or at range. It also has a terrific recommended loadout that makes great use of this capability. If there’s one downside to the AS VAL, it’s the starting magazine capacity it comes with. However, this is easily fixable with the right loadout and doesn’t hinder the AS VAL too much.

Aside from that, there are no negatives when using this AR in COD Mobile. It has a blistering high damage output, terrific accuracy and a great fire rate that allows it to succeed in close-range. While this fire rate does make longer-range engagements a little tough, there are attachments to make the gun’s recoil virtually unnoticeable.

There’s no question as to the best AR to use in Season 6 of COD Mobile. For any player that asks, until another round of weapon balancing occurs, the answer is ultimately the AS VAL.