Where to use Omar's Auto Repair key in MW2 DMZ
Omars Auto Repair key DMZ
Provided by Activision

Where to use Omar’s Auto Repair key in MW2 DMZ

Pay a visit to Omars

There are certain keys in Call of Duty DMZ that require a ton of investigative work to use. These keys often have a broad name that players can’t utilize to guess where they need to go. This can sometimes lead to players either throwing the key in their key stash to never be seen again or players forgetting entirely about trying to find the lock or door that the key goes to. If you’re in either one of these boats with Omar’s Auto Repair key in DMZ, then we have you covered.

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This key is used on the map of Al Mazrah and is found on the map as well, so players won’t be looting it on Ashika Island. However, once players find the key, they have zero idea about where to take it.

Using Omar’s Auto Repair key in DMZ

For this key, players want to drop into a match of DMZ on Al Mazrah and then make their way down to Sawah Village, which is found in the southwest corner of the map. Before dropping into a DMZ match, though, players want to ensure they have Omar’s Auto Repair key in their inventory and not still in their key stash.

With the key in hand and near Sawah Village, make your way to the western side of the location. You are looking for a square-shaped building that is surrounded by water, as seen in the map screenshot below.

Omars Auto Repair key DMZ
Provided by Activision

At this building, you want to head inside through the front door and then open up the door on the right that is found straight ahead. Through this area, you will find a door at the back of the room that requires Omar’s Auto Repair key. Use the key, and you will be able to loot whatever is inside.

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