When will Escape from Tarkov be out of Beta?
Escape from Tarkov Beta
Provided by Battlestate Games

When will Escape from Tarkov be out of Beta?

Will EFT ever escape beta?

Escape from Tarkov was originally released for early-access in 2017 and has since grown to the top product in the extraction-shooter market. The game developed by Battlestate Games essentially kickstarted a new genre in gaming, mixing traditional FPS-style gameplay with open-world looting mechanics. Early-access was — and still is — a commonplace practice for game developers; releasing a game in early access allows players to essentially get a peek at the development process of the game as well as play early builds of it.

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However, close to six years later, and Escape from Tarkov is still in early access. It has yet to launch as a complete game, and players have wondered if it ever will. Below, you can see all of the current information we have on Escape from Tarkov’s potential move from beta to a full game.

Escape from Tarkov remains in Beta

Escape from Tarkov
Provided by Battlestate Games

At the time of writing, there is no date for the Escape from Tarkov beta to end.

The most up-to-date details we have regarding this subject comes from Game Director Nikita Buyanov. The director went on record in 2022 to say that Escape from Tarkov is close to receiving an official release date. However, Buyanov also stated that the new Streets of Tarkov map would be a good indicator of how ready Escape from Tarkov is for a full release. That map was released just before 2023; the developers have yet to mention anything about an official release date for the game.

As 2023 continues, the story of Escape from Tarkov’s beta phase remains the same as it has for five years. There’s still no official news regarding when the game could come out of early access.

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