When is Verdansk returning to Call of Duty: Warzone?
Verdansk Warzone
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When is Verdansk returning to Call of Duty: Warzone?

The OG Warzone map is expected to return with Modern Warfare II

Rumors surrounding the Verdansk map returning to Call of Duty: Warzone began circulating in recent weeks. Verdansk was the original map for the battle royale, receiving both praise and criticism from the player base. It received a complete makeover when Black Ops Cold War launched, turning into Verdansk ’84. However, the core of the map remained intact, with many fan-favorite locations returning.

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Late last year, when Vanguard was released, the developers decided to remove Verdansk from playlists. In its place is Caldera, a tropical-themed map set in the World War II era. Overall, it seems fans enjoyed Verdansk over Caldera, which also explains why Rebirth Island is currently more popular than Caldera in Season 2 of Warzone.

Suffice it to say, fans are hoping the developers make Verdansk playable again for Warzone 2.0. The 2.0 version of the battle royale has been confirmed for later this year, and it will launch right around when Modern Warfare II, the next mainstream entry in the Call of Duty series, releases.

It’s unclear exactly what is coming with Warzone 2.0. Some fans speculated that an entirely new map will be released, while others believe the loot pool will be completely revamped and replaced.

A recent interview by a Warzone developer indicates Verdansk could be a part of Warzone 2 in some fashion.

The developer, Alex Summers from Activision, said Verdansk is returning to “certain platforms” at some point. Fans aren’t sure what to make of this comment, as there are only two platforms currently playable in Warzone: console and PC. This could be an indication of Activision’s plans to release Warzone on mobile devices later this year.

The mobile version of Warzone could see Verdansk as the main playable map while PC and consoles get a new version of Caldera or another new map entirely. On the other hand, Summers could simply be hinting at Verdansk coming back with Warzone 2.0. The map could slide in as a second or third playable map with the new installment of Warzone.

At this point in time, we’re unsure of what’s in store for Verdansk. The coming months should reveal more about Warzone’s future and the possibility of Verdansk returning to the fold.

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