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It’s been some time since the last large update for Call of Duty: Vanguard was released. Sledgehammer Games released an update for Season 1 in early December, and since then, no significant patch has come through. This has led the community to wonder when they can expect another update to arrive.

Originally, Sledgehammer was planning to release a balancing update in Vanguard on Dec. 9. However, to “maintain stability,” those changes were postponed to a later date. This information was found on the official Vanguard Trello Board, along with the weapon changes that are slated for that update. Although, there is no concrete release date for this update listed.

The next update in Vanguard

While Sledgehammer doesn’t have a firm release date on the next update, it won’t arrive until after the new year. The developing studio is on a holiday break and won’t be back to release the update until 2022 begins. This means that players will have to wait around a week before they can start expecting the update to arrive.

When it does release in Vanguard, though, there should be a wide variety of changes and fixes coming with it. Along with the weapon balancing changes, players should expect a number of bugs to be resolved. This includes camo challenges, issues with the Prestige system and the Cold-Blooded aim assist problem, to name a few.

Players for sure know the weapon changes coming, though, which they can see below.

M1 Garand

  • Reduced recoil.

Type 99

  • Reduced aim flinch.
  • Reduced ADS time.
  • Retain one-shot kill potential for chest shots when smaller caliber ammo is used.

3-Line Rifle

  • Reduced ADS time.


  • Retain one-shot kill potential for chest shots when smaller caliber ammo is used.

Sniper attachments

  • Hollow Points no longer reduce range.
  • Top Break: Using lower-caliber ammo now reduces range instead of damage,

Shotgun attachments

  • Buck and Slugs: Reduced ADS speed penalty and reduced headshot multiplier.
  • Birdshot: Reduced headshot multiplier.

Sledgehammer Games should provide some form of update on this patch when the new year starts.

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