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For the past three weeks, the Christmas villain Krampus has wreaked havoc in both Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific and Vanguard. Whether it’s on the island of Caldera or on multiplayer maps, players can’t run from Krampus. The Festive Fervor event introduced the hairy monster into both games but it will also soon take him out of them.

Krampus has caused some major controversy in Warzone Pacific and Vanguard. He can kill players with ease on Caldera and was a feature in private matches on Vanguard, not allowing professional players to scrimmage. Though Raven Software nerfed Krampus in late 2021, it wasn’t enough for players to accept the feature. While the idea of Krampus was neat in theory, the execution has left players wondering when he will leave.

Krampus’ end date in Warzone Pacific and Vanguard

Krampus is set to leave both games when the Festive Fervor event concludes. That day is Tuesday, though an exact time is still unknown. Once the day comes around, Krampus will leave all Vanguard playlists and Caldera for good. However, this also means that other holiday-themed content, like Shipmas 24/7 and Armageddon, will also leave.

For players wondering if Krampus’ end date will be sped up, it seems unlikely. Krampus is a part of the Festive Fervor challenges, so removing him prematurely would be unfair to any player that hasn’t finished those challenges yet. If players haven’t finished their Festive Fervor tasks, they’ll need to do so before Tuesday.

As for the next holiday season, it would be shocking to see Krampus return to Warzone or the next Call of Duty title. The community was not a fan of the Christmas monster feature in the matches of either game. However, perhaps Activision will release another Krampus skin and other cosmetics in the in-game store.

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