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Season 6 has officially arrived in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone, and a ton of content was delivered with the update. There are three new weapons and several unique Operator skins available through the Battle Pass, fresh multiplayer maps, and a slew of weapon balancing updates that are sure to shake up the meta for both games. However, the Haunting event in MW2 and Warzone did not begin with Season 6, and you might be curious when it’s set to start.

The Haunting is a midseason event for MW2 and Warzone that allows you to get in on the spooky season fun. There will be a few skins added with the event, new playlists for both games,  and some map updates to turn them into a version of a haunted house. It’s set to be the biggest event of the year, and you can see exactly when it begins in the guide below.

The Haunting release date in MW2 and Warzone

You can see precisely when The Haunting is beginning by going to its dedicated tab in the lobby of either MW2 or Warzone. This will give a countdown for how many days are left until the event begins.

However, if you want a quick answer, The Haunting begins on Oct. 17, likely around 12 PM ET. At this time, the dedicated tab for The Haunting will give you details on the challenges you need to complete to earn the event rewards. The rewards will include Operator skins, weapon camos, and other cosmetics.

It remains to be seen exactly what content The Haunting will deliver, but we do know it will introduce the Soul Capture event, map updates for El Asilo and Embassy in MW2, Zombie Royale and Vondead in Warzone, themed game modes in multiplayer, as well as dozens of other pieces of themed content. It’s going to be a huge event that is looking to be the perfect send-off into MW3.

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