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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been missing a competitive playlist since it was released in late October. While Infinity Ward did release the CDL Moshpit playlist, this doesn’t fully scratch the itch that competitive players have. That’s where a full-fledged Ranked Play mode comes into play, which now has a confirmed release in Modern Warfare 2.

Before MW2 was even released, we knew some details about it. Treyarch, developers of the Black Ops series, announced that it would once again be leading development about the mode. The studio did the same last year in Vanguard as well as in its own game, Black Ops Cold War. It was also leaked that MW2’s Ranked Play would work very similar to Vanguard’s, but with some added tweaks to make the system better overall.

Ranked Play in Modern Warfare 2

Earlier today, Activision announced that Season 2 of Warzone 2 and MW2 was delayed until Feb. 15. This is a two-week delay, but hopefully, this extra time gives the developers the capacity to introduce more content and a stronger update. In the announcement, Activision revealed that Ranked Play would be arriving in MW2 with the launch of Season 2. Treyarch also confirmed this on Twitter.

Neither account revealed anything more about Ranked Play. However, a few days ago, prominent COD insider @TheGhostofHope started a Twitter thread that goes over seemingly exact details regarding Ranked Play. Here’s a quick breakdown of everything the insider tweeted about:

  • 4v4 competitive matches with the same ruleset, settings, maps, and modes as the CDL
  • 7 Skill Divisions that you’re able to rank up through by earning SR from winning games
  • Visible rank by your name. This rank stays with you throughout all future seasons
  • Each season you will start one division lower than where you finished in the previous season
  • If you win three straight matches, you get a flanking rank, which can be progressed with more consecutive wins
  • You can earn more or less SR depending on personal performance and the margin of victory
  • SR penalties and short suspensions will be in play for players who are inactive, disconnect, or continually shoot their teammates

We should hear more concrete info about Ranked Play closer to Season 2’s launch in mid-February.

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