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Modern Warfare 3 is now in full swing, but many are wondering when the game’s first season comes to a close. Here’s what we know so far.

MW3 is a trip back through time to Call of Duty’s glory days, bringing back the iconic maps we know and love from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2. On top of all that, MW3’s Season 1 introduced new multiplayer maps, guns, Battle Pass, and even a new Warzone map.

When does MW3 Season 1 end?

MW3 Season 1 is currently scheduled to end in mid-February, however, no official end date has been given just yet.

Seasons normally end mid-week, most often on a Wednesday, and looking at the calendar, I would mark February 14 or 21 as two likely dates for the finale of Season 1.

An MW3 player hiding behind a riot shield.
Expect the new season in February. Image via Activision

Do we know when MW3 Season 2 starts?

Unfortunately, we don’t know when MW3 Season 2 starts, as Sledgehammer Games has not announced any release date for it.

It should launch immediately after the end of Season 1 though, so expect it at some point in February.

What’s left to arrive in MW3 Season 1?

The big thing coming in MW3 Season 1 Reloaded is Ranked Play, which will allow players to compete against others in competitive matches to see how good they are.

On top of that, Season 1 Reloaded will also add a new multiplayer map Rio set in a shopping center, new modes like Team Gunfight, Headquarters, Infected, and two weapons: the HRM-9 SMG and the TAW Evolvere.