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The long wait is almost over; this week marks the last that players will not have Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in their hands in some capacity. Starting on Thursday, Oct. 20, players who digitally pre-ordered MW2 will get early access to the Campaign mode. Players can find out what exact time the Campaign launches in their time zone by reading our previous article. In this guide, we’ll go over when players can expect the MW2 Campaign to be available for pre-load.

For players unaware, pre-loading a game allows players to download game data before it becomes playable. This gives users a chance to download the game a couple of days in advance, which is crucial for those with a slower Internet connection. The actual game file for MW2 will become pre-loadable next week, but for now, digital pre-order players can download the Campaign early.

The pre-load for the MW2 Campaign

At the time of writing, we only have concrete information for a pre-load date on PlayStation. The pre-load date leaked for some players on their PlayStation 5, giving them an idea of when the file will become downloadable. While this is only for PlayStation right now, the pre-load date is usually the same across all systems, so Xbox and PC players can likely expect their pre-load date to match that of PlayStation’s.

According to the leaks, the pre-load date for the MW2 Campaign begins on Oct. 19. This is one day before the Campaign is set to go live for players who digitally pre-ordered MW2.

In addition to the Campaign’s pre-load, it seems that the pre-load date for the multiplayer of MW2 also leaked. PlayStation Game Size states that the pre-load for MW2 multiplayer will begin on Oct. 21, one week before the full game launches.

There’s no word on how big the file will be for the MW2 Campaign or the full game. However, fans should expect it to be quite significant, so take advantage of the pre-load date to ensure you can play right when both the Campaign and multiplayer release. If you’re still on the fence about playing the Campaign, check out the rewards that are available to those who complete the story mode.

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