When and where to watch the EU TFT Regional Qualifiers
TFT EU Qualifiers

When and where to watch the EU TFT Regional Qualifiers

64 of the best players across the EU region will fight for four spots at the TFT Reckoning Championship
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As the TFT Reckoning competitive season hits its home stretch, many regions are gearing up for their Regional Finals. The EU Regional Qualifiers will take place over two weekends in August. The four-day event will shrink a field of 64 of the best players across EU to the four that will represent Europe at the TFT Reckoning World Championship.Β  Here is a breakdown of what spectators need to know about the format, who is playing, and where to watch the action for the 30,000 euros ($35,539) TFT EU Qualifiers.

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Tournament format

The first weekend of competition will see the 64 players fight over 12 rounds of swiss-style matching. Starting July 31st, players will presumably play six games on Day 1. August 1st will see the same 64 players come back and play an additional six games. This format is similar to one used during the TFT EU Galaxies Qualifiers back in Set 3. In the TFT Galaxies Qualifiers, only half the field should of qualified for Day 2. However, a mishap during a tie-breaker forced the organizers to audible. All competitors in that qualifier got to play all 10 rounds which the competitors said they liked as it lessened the load of randomness. Two additional rounds will take place during this season bringing the total to 12. The top 16 players with the highest point total after 12 rounds will advance to the second weekend.

The 16 remaining players will split into two lobbies on August 14th. The lobbies will form based on placement from the first weekend of play. From there the two lobbies will play five games each. The top four from each lobby will qualify for championship Sunday.

Finally on August 15th, the final eight players will fight against each other with their points reset. Those players will play five additional games. The top four players after five rounds will earn their spot at the TFT Reckoning World Championships. The TFT Reckoning World Championships are currently scheduled to take place in China later this year. The event would be the first ever live and in-person TFT Championship.


The 64 players competing in this event have been locked in. Using a ladder snapshot system, players from across the region have been grinding the ranked ladder all set in preparation for this event. However, many players were upset about the communication leading up to it. Regardless, many of the best players in the regions did what they had to do to qualify. The EU Qualifiers will showcase players from four different servers. Here is a breakdown of how many players from each server have qualified.

EUW: 40

EUNE: 10

CIS: 4

TR: 10

Among the notable names who qualified are TFT Fates Championship competitor “Ginggg” from Turkey, the outspoken Egor “Deisik” Popov from Russia, the TFT Galaxies World Champion “KC Double61” from France and many more.

Where to watch the TFT EU Qualifiers

Riot will supply an official broadcast for the second weekend of competition complete with a commentary lineup. Furthermore, the official broadcast will stream live on Twitch through on the Riot Games TFT channel.

As for broadcasts that are not in English, Riot has partnered with a number of local broadcast partners from Turkey, Spain, Italy and Russia. These broadcasts will go live starting at 12:30 p.m. BST on August 14 and 15. More details of the broadcasts can be found here.

As for the first weekend of play, spectators can check out some of the players streaming their perspectives on their own twitch channels as they fight for a ticket to the World Championships starting on July 31.

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