What's the best sniper rifle to use in MW3 Ranked Play?
What's the best sniper rifle to use in MW3 Ranked Play?
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What’s the best sniper rifle to use in MW3 Ranked Play?

The top sniping option in Ranked

Ranked Play in Call of Duty MW3 is primarily made up of assault rifles and submachine guns on the map, with two weapons in particular being the current meta choices. However, if you’re a fan of sniping, then you need to know the best sniper rifle to use in MW3 Ranked.

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I only recommend sniping in Search and Destroy, as it’s essentially pointless in the respawn modes unless you can use it as effectively as one of the two meta weapons. In S&D, sniping can be a true advantage for your team if you can hit your shots, hold lanes, and take control of large parts of the map. However, sniping is only viable in Ranked if you use the top option in the sniper class.

Best sniper rifle to use in MW3 Ranked Play

Four sniper rifles are available to you in MW3, but only one can even be considered an option for Ranked Play. That one sniper would be the KATT AMR, which is the slowest sniper in MW3 but also the most lethal.

Best KATT AMR loadout for Ranked Play in MW3
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The KATT AMR is almost a guaranteed one-shot kill as long as you hit an enemy anywhere in their upper body. The tradeoff for this lethality is slow mobility, as the KATT AMR makes you move like a snail and has an abysmal aim down sights speed and sprint-to-fire time. However, this is mostly fine in Ranked as long as you’re staying far away from enemies and using the sniper to hold lanes on the map.

This playstyle allows you to stay scoped in with the KATT AMR, negating the need for high mobility. Of course, if you get into a situation where you need to fight an enemy one-on-one, then you might want to swap to your secondary weapon unless you can pull off a quickscope or no-scope.

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As I said before, sniping is best for Search and Destroy in MW3 Ranked. I also suggest you only bring out a sniper if you’re confident in your shot, as missing shots with a sniper can be a detriment to your team’s success.

If you want to swap to an assault rifle or SMG, you can check out my other guides on the best AR and the best SMG to use for Ranked in MW3.

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