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You have access to over 100 weapons in Call of Duty MW3 Zombies, with both MW2 and MW3 weapons being available. Of course, a majority of players will use the MW3 selection, as it’s the newer title. Even if you’re not restricting yourself, though, you still need to know what the best weapons in each class are for Zombies. Today, I’ll be going over my pick for the best shotgun in Zombies and why it gets the nod over the other candidates.

Best shotgun to use in MW3 Zombies

Screenshot via Upcomer

In all honesty, all three of the MW3 shotguns in Zombies are quite powerful in their own right. The Lockwood 680 is a pump-action beast, especially at mid-range, while the Haymaker and the Riveter are especially strong at close range thanks to their fully-auto natures. If I had to narrow things down, though, I would say the Lockwood 680 falls just short of the Haymaker and Riveter, as you’re more limited with your firing.

That said, the Haymaker and Riveter are essentially used the same way; you can fire both extremely fast and they hit hard even with no attachments. To declare a “best shotgun,” though, my vote goes to the Haymaker. While the Riveter is strong as well, I feel the Haymaker hits harder at all ranges where you would use a shotgun. The one advantage the Riveter has is it can shoot a little faster, but it doesn’t quite have the same damage output as the Haymaker.

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With the Haymaker, you can decimate trains of zombies or difficult bosses with just a few shots. You can also shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger, which might be enticing to some with a fast trigger finger. Others can just hold the fire button and unleash the full wrath of the Haymaker that way.

I have recommended a strong loadout for the Haymaker in Zombies in a previous guide if you want to use the shotgun in the best way possible. When it comes down to it, though, all three of the MW3 shotguns are worth using.