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It’s not all about the primary weapons in Call of Duty MW3 Ranked Play, as you have to also equip a secondary weapon on each of your loadouts. There are only a handful of secondary options to equip in MW3 Ranked, but which one is the absolute best?

When it comes to equipping a secondary, your only options are the handguns in MW3. The knives have been banned via the CDL ruleset since they can be extremely overpowered due to how much health every player has. As such, you are limited to a few handguns for your secondary slot in Ranked. You might have a favorite among the available handguns, but if you want to be like the professionals, you should only be using one specific secondary.

Best secondary to use in MW3 Ranked Play

Due to restrictions and the strength of the handguns in MW3, you really only have two legitimate options for your secondary slot: the COR 45 and Renetti. Both of these are solid pistols that will serve you well in Ranked, but the best overall secondary between the two is the Renetti.

Best Renetti loadout for Ranked Play in MW3
Screenshot via Upcomer

The Renetti is the pistol every single professional player in the Call of Duty League uses as their secondary, and for good reason. The three-round burst pistol can kill enemies extremely quickly with some well-placed headshots and has terrific mobility. Pros tend to usually drift toward the three-round burst pistols for their secondaries due to their killing potential.

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Of course, to see that killing potential in action, you need to ensure you’re hitting all or most of your shots within each burst of the Renetti. If you don’t, then the pistol won’t do much damage at all.

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