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The Call of Duty League wrapped up its 2020 season yesterday with an epic finish at COD Champs. The Dallas Empire emerged victorious over the Atlanta FaZe and proved that they are the greatest team in the world. However, now that the 2020 season is all over, all eyes turn to 2021 and the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. This is perhaps the most highly-anticipated title in the franchise’s history thanks to the lackluster games the past few years. What can we expect from the CDL during the time period from now until the 2021 season?

The Call of Duty League turns to 2021

As of right now, things are silent in the CDL. Players are rejoicing that the Modern Warfare season has concluded and are now playing other titles to gear up for Black Ops Cold War. However, this silence will only last for a couple of weeks. Free Agency for the 2021 season begins on September 14 and you can bet that teams and players are going to be busy.

While the 2020 season ends on this date, it’s presumed that players will look at other options before then. Of course, it’s unlikely we’ll hear of anything official during this time, but leaks have surfaced in the past.

call of duty league cdl free agency 2021
Image via CODLeague

Once September 14 hits though, all hell could break loose. There’s a rumor that Black Ops Cold War will return to 4v4 play, so “Rostermania” could be crazier than ever. Teams will frantically search for any released or dropped players to make their team better. In turn, some high-profile players could want to team up with specific players in the CDL and possibly create a bidding war.

There’s no telling what the CDL Free Agency season has in store. However, if the rumors are true and 4v4 is returning, you can bet that September and October will be one of the craziest times in competitive Call of Duty history.

We’ll keep you updated with any CDL news here at Daily Esports.

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