What maps are in the Modern Warfare 3 beta?
What maps are in the Modern Warfare 3 beta?
Image via Activision

What maps are in the Modern Warfare 3 beta?

The first maps we get to play

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is set to begin its first weekend on Friday, Oct. 6, and we just got confirmation what multiplayer maps will be included. While it’s always particularly exciting to see what content a Call of Duty beta will deliver, it’s even more anticipated this year. As you likely already know, Modern Warfare 3 features all 16 of the original MW2 maps, and the beta is the first time the public gets to experience them in their remastered glory.

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As evident by the recent MW3 multiplayer reveal trailer, the 16 original MW2 maps are completely remastered. They sport new textures, higher-fidelity graphics, and a new coat of paint that makes them look absolutely stunning. While the developers at Sledgehammer Games have likely added some doors to the maps, they will still feel and play similar to their original counterparts did back in 2009.

If you want to see what maps you can experience first during the MW3 beta, check out the guide below.

Modern Warfare 3 beta maps

Modern Warfare 3 beta maps
Rust in MW3. | Image via Activision

As per usual, there will be five playable maps in the MW3 beta by the time the second weekend concludes. Below, you can see what maps are playable and when they will arrive during the beta:

  • Skidrow
  • Estate
  • Rust
  • Favela
  • Highrise (Second Weekend)

As you can see, only Highrise will not be playable during the first weekend of the beta, which is only open to those on PlayStation 4 +5. The second weekend, which is open to players on all platforms, will include Highrise along with the four other maps.

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This is quite an interesting slate of maps, as they all look and play extremely different. Skidrow, Favela, and Highrise are more competitive-oriented maps while Estate and Rust are meant for more casual gameplay. Of course, Rust stands alone when it comes to any map category, as it’s one of the most hectic maps in Call of Duty history.

Before the Modern Warfare 3 beta begins on Oct. 6, you can see all of these maps played by various creators at the COD Next event on Oct. 5. Then, when Oct. 6 rolls around, you can experience the maps for yourself if you received a beta code on PS4 or PS5.

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