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Battle Passes have been a staple in multiplayer video games for a few years now as they give players a reason to log into the game each day and see progression in real-time. Players like that they aren’t forced to be good at a game to get exclusive rewards and also increases the replayability in video games at the same time.

The Call of Duty franchise is no stranger to the battle pass system. With the release of the first battle pass in their newest title, Modern Warfare 2, the team behind the game has possibly reinvented how a battle pass works. Here is an explanation of what the token bank in MW2 is and how it works.

Token bank in MW2

Battle Tokens can be banked for later use in MW2. | Screenshot via MW2

Unlike traditional battle passes seen in other games that have a simple progression track, MW2’s is a lot more dynamic. Players don’t have to progress through the battle pass the same way as everyone else. In fact, players are encouraged to prioritize things in the battle pass they want most. Whether that be new guns or new operators.

The Modern Warfare 2 battle pass system rewards players with tokens for every match they play. Tokens are used to unlock specific things in the battle pass. The battle pass is set up into clusters around a “map” and once a player clears a cluster, a new one opens up next to the one that was just cleared. To clear a cluster, players need to use tokens to unlock everything in that cluster. There are five items per cluster with one being locked until the other four are obtained. The good thing is that each item only costs one token to unlock. And that’s where the token bank comes in.

Players can hold onto battle pass tokens and are not forced to unlock anything until they want to. This is cool because it allows players to think about what they really want instead of forcing them to unlock a new item every single time they earn a token. They can now save their tokens to get things they really want.

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