What is the story behind Hyper Scape battle royale? A new trailer tells all
Hyper Scape battle royale story Ubisoft trailer
Image via Ubisoft

What is the story behind Hyper Scape battle royale? A new trailer tells all

At the Ubisoft Forwward presentation, we were shown a trailer that showcases the in-depth story behind Hyper Scape battle royale.
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At the June 2020 Ubisoft Forward, we were greeted with a plethora of new content for Hyper Scape battle royale. Fans were given an inside look at the future of the game. We learned that an open beta is now live for PC, along with some fresh content. This included hints about a new weapon and Hack, additional game modes, and a story to dive into. Similar to other battle royale titles, namely Fortnite and Apex Legends, Hyper Scape does indeed have a story developing in the background.

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The story of Hyper Scape

If you wish to watch the full cinematic trailer for the Hyper Scape story, you can do so below, courtesy of Ubisoft North America. However, we will also be deciphering what the trailer means.

Essentially, the world of Hyper Scape is a fictional one created by a development company. In this universe, set in 2054, the world as we know it no longer exists. Cities have grown into “mega-cities,” and the 10 billion people of the world live inside them. If you’ve seen the film Ready Player One, then you’ll understand the basic premise for its backstory.

As the world began to descend into utter chaos, a company known as Prisma developed an escape. A fictional world known as the Hyper Scape was introduced and allowed the people of Earth to escape the mundane activities of regular life.

Using some kind of virtual reality technology, anyone can head into this world, which takes place on a map known as “Neo-Arcadia.” In this reality, users compete in a competition called “Crown Rush.” This is the battle royale that we all know and love but in Hyper Scape, players can use it to achieve real-life fame and glory.

Hyper Scape battle royale story trailer
Image via Ubisoft

However, things aren’t as simple as they seem. According to the narrator in the trailer, strange things are happening to people who go into the Hyper Scape. Disappearances and other abnormalities are occurring more and more often, and some users are determined to get to the bottom of things. This requires going further into the virtual world, which is where the story ends… for now.

It seems Ubisoft has a ton of surprises up its sleeve, so stay tuned to Daily Esports for updates.

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