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Before the weekend officially arrived in Call of Duty: Warzone, the developers at Raven Software released a new playlist update. Many players instantly noticed that a Rebirth Island Resurgence playlist was added, which has been a constant community request over the past few weeks. However, what some fans might have missed is that a brand new playlist was also made available. Available on Caldera Quads is the Sticks and Stones playlist, which some Warzone players might recognize from traditional Call of Duty multiplayer.

If you haven’t played many of the previous Call of Duty titles, then it’s unlikely you’ve played Sticks and Stones before. The game mode was originally introduced in Black Ops (2010) and instantly became a huge hit with the player base. Of course, the mode has evolved over the years and has now made its way into Warzone. While this current version of Warzone won’t be around much longer, perhaps if the community likes Sticks and Stones enough, the developers will introduce it again in Warzone.

For now, though, let’s go over exactly what this game mode entails.

Sticks and Stones in Warzone

Essentially, Sticks and Stones is a game mode that completely restricts all guns and pieces of equipment. What players are left with is a Crossbow and melee weapons. Using these weapons, players must eliminate each other on a condensed version of Caldera. This mode is a part of the Mini-Royale series, so the map size is significantly reduced compared to traditional battle royale. Of course, the end goal for players in Sticks and Stones is the same; be the last player standing by whatever means necessary. Since the Crossbow recently took a heavy nerf in Warzone Season 5, players might want to rely on their melee weapons to kill enemies and potentially win the match.

As of writing, Sticks and Stones is not yet available to play in Warzone. However, Raven did say it was coming during the weekend of Sept. 10, so players won’t have to wait long to play.

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