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With Season 5 of Call of Duty: Warzone arriving in the next few days, it seems prudent to go over some of the new content that’s arriving. We’ve already gone over how to unlock the new weapons coming in Season 5, so now it’s time to tackle the newest Field Upgrade in Warzone: Rage Serum.

It’s not too often that a new Field Upgrade gets released in Warzone — they’re usually based on the current main series game. With Vanguard not receiving much content these days, though, Raven Software took matters into their own hands and developed a new Field Upgrade for players to use.

Season 5 of Warzone will see other pieces of content enter the game as well, including a fresh killstreak, map updates, and new game modes. However, Rage Serum has the potential to impact the meta in ways that those other pieces of content can’t.

How Rage Serum works in Call of Duty

As outlined in the new Season 5 blog on Call of Duty’s website, Rage Serum will mainly impact players’ melee abilities. The Field Upgrade will allow players to gain “superior melee damage, increased lunge distance, and enhanced stun power while fighting with melee weapons or fists.” This will certainly shake things up when players are in close-quarters combat. With Rage Serum active, it might be more efficient to melee enemies than it would to simply shoot them.

However, with any great power comes some negative effects to using it. When Rage Serum is equipped and active, players will be louder when moving and have more recoil when they’re stunned. Still, those tradeoffs seem decent given the fact that players should only use Rage Serum when up close and personal with enemies. Player loudness shouldn’t be a huge factor when using Rage Serum for that reason.

It remains to be seen if Rage Serum will break into the meta of Warzone. Although, with any new piece of content, there’s always a risk of it being broken in some way, so hopefully, players don’t find an exploit with Rage Serum when Season 5 begins this week.

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