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Call of Duty MW3 Season 2 has just launched and it introduced a slew of new content to multiplayer, Warzone, and Zombies. One of the changes in Season 2 are new Prestige Levels, which players can unlock by ranking up their in-game level. However, there’s no way to tell what the max level is in MW3 Season 2.

The max level in Season 1 was 250, which has now been changed with the release of Season 2. Players can now reach a new max level over the course of Season 2, and then Season 3 will once again change that. To see what’s the highest level you can hit in Season 2 of MW3, check out the guide below.

MW3 Season 2 max level and rewards

While it might make sense for the max level to be 500, it’s actually level 450. Every season, the max level goes up by 200 levels, so Season 3 will in all likelihood feature a max level of 650. Also coming with every season are four new Prestige icons, which you earn by ranking up every 50 levels.

Season 1 of MW3 went up to fifth Prestige, so Season 2 features Prestiges six-nine. You can see what each Prestige icon in Season 2 looks like below:

The Season 2 Prestige icons and rewards. Image via Activision

You’ll see the various rewards you can earn for completing challenges along your Prestige journey in Season 2. The weapon blueprint is the reward for reaching the max level of 450 while the calling cards are unlocked by completing challenges in Season 2. You can earn eight total calling cards, four from multiplayer and four from Zombies. The calling cards are earned by completing five challenges per calling card, which are unlocked every 50 levels.

And that’s all of the possible rewards you can earn for reaching the max level of 450 in Season 2 of MW3.