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While the preseason in Call of Duty MW3 was quite enjoyable for many players, the hard level cap of 55 was not something that a majority of the community liked. Many fans reached level 55 within days of MW3’s release, meaning they’ve been stuck at the same level for close to a month.

Luckily, that all changes with the Season 1 update in MW3 and Warzone. You are now able to enter Prestige Mode, which doesn’t work like it used in the older titles. Instead, the Prestige system works exactly like it has in the past few years, allowing players to enter a new Prestige every 50 levels. Going through the different Prestiges unlocks new icons and challenges throughout Season 1.

Of course, Season 1 won’t have an infinite number of Prestiges, so what exactly is the level cap for the first season of MW3 and Warzone?

The level cap in MW3 and Warzone Season 1

In total, there are five Prestiges in Season 1 of MW3 and Warzone, which means you can unlock five new icons that will be displayed next to your gamertag in-game. This also means the level cap in Season 1 is level 250, giving you nearly 200 new levels to go through.

This is a fairly standard level cap for a season of Call of Duty in today’s age. While a majority of hardcore players will likely hit level 250 quickly, others will be able to work through the season to achieve the level cap. If you don’t manage to hit level 250, though, don’t worry, as your level doesn’t reset every season and you can still eventually hit level 250 to unlock all the rewards that come with that achievement.

Speaking of rewards, hitting level 250 earns you a weapon blueprint for the MTZ 556, the fifth Prestige icon, and the ability to unlock a number of seasonal Calling Cards through completing challenges. All of the rewards are seen in the screenshot below:

Image via Activision

You can level up your account by playing MW3 multiplayer, Zombies, or Warzone. If you want to level up faster, purchasing the Season 1 Battle Pass gives you a 5% extra XP earn rate as well as the ability to unlock Double XP Tokens you can use to boost your XP rates.