What is an IFAK in MW2 DMZ and where to find one
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What is an IFAK in MW2 DMZ and where to find one

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The Season 2 update added a plethora of new content to Call of Duty DMZ. This included the Ashika Island map, Crown Faction, new keys, and a few rare items added to the loot pool.

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One of these rare loot pool items in DMZ is the IFAK, which stands for Individual First Aid Kit. This item is a piece of equipment that can be used to heal wounds that are inflicted during the heat of combat.

Most players will need the IFAK for a Crown Faction mission in DMZ, but others might simply want to know where to find one. Whatever your fancy, we have what you’re looking for.

Finding an IFAK in DMZ

Like most other items in DMZ, the Individual First Aid Kit can only be found through random luck. This might not be what players who are trying to complete the Health Conscious mission for Crown want to hear, but there are some locations on both Ashika Island and Al Mazrah where players have a higher chance of finding an IFAK.

Those locations are hospitals and medical centers. More specifically, players want to look inside medicine cabinets and first aid kits within these locations. These locations hold a high chance of housing an IFAK, but players can search medicine cabinets and first aid kits in any spot on the map to find an IFAK.

Hospitals are most commonly found near major points of interest on Al Mazrah. The cities of Sa’id and Al Mazrah hold various hospitals and medical centers, so players should start there if they’re looking to expedite the process. Other than that, you will have to rely on random chance to hopefully loot an IFAK in DMZ.

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