What guns and compositions work best for Breeze
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What guns and compositions work best for Breeze

Early thoughts on the new map from VALORANT experts
This article is over 3 years old and may contain outdated information

The newest VALORANT map, Breeze, joined the ranked queue earlier this week. Breeze may only be a few weeks old at this point, but players are already scrambling for the best compositions and guns to run on its wide open set up. Here are a few early tips and tricks from insiders of the professional VALORANT scene for the map.

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Best guns to use on Breeze: Sniper rifles

Breeze is a wide open map across the board, with set ups for long ranged engagements on both bomb sites and the middle lane. Because of this, the best guns on Breeze will be snipers and rifles. According to Gen.G Head Coach Matthew “mCe” Elmore, snipers and the Operator will reign supreme because of the many angles and vast nature of Breeze.

“We’ve scrimmed it a couple times and it just turns into an OPfest,” mCe said. “I think that’s going to be the first map where you’re going to see a double OP become meta, because it’s just so big,”

As for specific setups, mCe said that posting up two Operators next to each other on a bomb site is optimal at this point because of how new the map is. For a more economical, or early round, purchasing the Marshal is also a decent choice for a double set up. Because of the heavy use of snipers on this map, Jett will become an early necessity for most team compositions.

“It’s going to allow those Jett OPers to really come back into play,” VALORANT caster Gustavo “Upmind” Franco Domingues said. “I feel like there’s going to be a way bigger need for more long range battles and more long winded battles,”

Best compositions to use on Breeze

The first piece to a good composition on Breeze is Jett. After that it is largely up in the air. One common element that agents picked on this map need to have, however, is lineups. Because of the wide open bomb sites and areas on Breeze, the best compositions will have agents that can lineup abilities to clear out its many nooks and crannies. Agents like Sova, Viper and Killjoy should all add value to any team composition on Breeze.

“When we’re talking about the A site there’s a lot of tight corners that the defenders can go back on,” Upmind said. “So that’s just going to amplify the need for lineups, it’s going to amplify the need for more verticality,”

Breeze’s verticality is similar to Icebox, so agents that can abuse their utility to gain high ground will be effective. Agents like Sage, Raze and Omen all fit the bill with utility that can take advantage of the map’s varying terrain height. The best compositions for Breeze may also involve a secondary smoke agent to help block the line of sight for Operator players and clear out those common corners.

“I will not be surprised, whatsoever, if we see double OPs being prominently used on either both dualists or potentially on a secondary smoke,” Upmind said. “It’s going to be a very fun time for the defenders. But for the for the attackers, it’s going to be a bit hell,”

Some examples of the best Breeze compositions so far include:

  • Jett, Viper, Raze, Sova, Omen
  • Viper, Jett, Skye, Astra, Raze
  • Jett, Omen, Viper, Sage, Skye
  • Jett, Raze, Skye, Sova, Viper
  • Yoru, Jett, Omen, Sova, Sage

According to blitz.gg, the agents with the highest win rates on Breeze so far include: Killjoy, Viper, Reyna, Sage, Raze, Jett and Sova. The agents with the most matches played are: Jett, Reyna, Sage, Raze, Sova, Yoru and Omen.

As the meta shifts and Riot Games makes changes to the map, the best guns and compositions on Breeze should change. But at this early stage, these are the most optimal setups according to experts and statistics.

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