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The Infiltrator mission in Call of Duty MW3 Zombies requires you to collect a Mercenary Stronghold Key and find a Terminus Outcomes Stronghold.

If you’re wondering what a Terminus Outcomes Stronghold is, then you’re not alone. I had the same question when I started the Infiltrator mission in Zombies and it took me quite a while to figure out what this type of Stronghold is. If you don’t want to wait as long as I did to figure it out, then check out the guide below to see exactly what a Terminus Outcomes Stronghold is and how to find one in MW3 Zombies.

Terminus Outcomes Strongholds in MW3 Zombies

This mission uses some tricky terminology, but Terminus Outcomes Strongholds are no different from regular Mercenary Strongholds in MW3 Zombies. Any Mercenary Stronghold you see on the map when the Infiltrator mission is active is considered a Terminus Outcomes Stronghold. The only reason these Strongholds are called something different is that you need to loot the Terminus Outcomes Records from the Stronghold to fully complete the Infiltrator mission.

You can find a Terminus Outcomes Stronghold by looking on your map and searching for any Mercenary Stronghold. The Legacy Fortress, Mercenary Camps, or Infested Strongholds will not count for this mission, you have to visit and clear a dedicated Mercenary Stronghold.

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Of course, before visiting a Mercenary Stronghold, you need to ensure that you have a Mercenary Stronghold Keycard in your Rucksack. This is a requirement for the first part of the Infiltrator mission, so you should have one but just double-check you have the right keycard. With the keycard, you can walk up to any door of the Stronghold, enter, clear out the mercenaries, and start looking for the Terminus Outcomes Records.

The records is a lootable item that should drop from one of the mercenaries in the Stronghold.