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There are all different types of camo challenges you need to complete in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 if you want to earn the Mastery Camos for your weapons. While a majority of these challenges are self-explanatory in MW3, there are others, such as Clean Kills, that might confuse you.

I know both Clean Kills and Fully Loaded Kills immediately puzzled me, as the game doesn’t explain what either of these challenges entails. Luckily, I was able to figure out what Fully Loaded Kills are and I was also able to get Clean Kills, which are required to get certain Mastery Camos for weapons like the BAS-B and MTZ Interceptor.

Below, you can see for yourself what Clean Kills are in MW3 and how to get them.

What are Clean Kills in MW3?

Image via Activision

The exact camo challenge you’ll see associated with Clean Kills is as follows: “Get [X] Suppressed Clean Kills with the [insert weapon].” This is the Priceless camo challenge for the BAS-B, for example, so it’s quite important for your camo grind. You might also see a challenge to get Clean Kills while aiming down sights, which is the Forged camo challenge for the Sidewinder.

From what I am able to gather, a Clean Kill in MW3 is getting a kill without taking any form of damage. This includes damage from the enemy you’re shooting at or any other kind of damage. Basically, you need to be at maximum health and stay at full health when killing an enemy. So for a Clean Kill to count, you can’t be damaged from a previous enemy while killing another enemy.

How to get Clean Kills in MW3

Getting Clean Kills is relatively simple, as long as you play the correct way. For starters, you want to ensure you have a suppressor equipped in the muzzle category on your weapon, as the camo challenge sometimes calls for a suppressed Clean Kill. If you need to be aiming down sights, then perhaps some mobility attachments would work best.

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Then, you simply want to sit back and pick enemies off from a distance. This gives you the best chance of not being hit by any form of damage and allows you to kill enemies easier, especially with a long range loadout.