Western Clash Day 3: Championship Sunday - Upcomer

Western Clash Day 3: Championship Sunday

The final day of the 2018 Western Clash began with 1 NA team and 2 EU teams left to compete. Here are the details.

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Semifinal: Dignitas vs Team Freedom

Team Freedom stood their own against Dignitas today, giving them a few pretty close games. Despite Freedom’s tenacity and drive, Dig managed to pull out 3 wins in a row, taking North America’s last standing team down 3-0. Dig has a way of punishing mistakes made by their opponents ruthlessly and eeking out as much advantage as they can in every circumstance. The play here put Dignitas straight into the Finals.

Loser’s Final: Leftovers vs Team Freedom

In the final chapter of Team Freedom’s story, they go down in this rematch vs Leftovers 3-0. Freedom put up a fight, but for the most part, the Leftovers seemed very dominate. With this series over, Team Freedom was sent home and the Leftovers were left to combat the one remaining team in the Western Clash: Dignitas.

Final: Dignitas vs Leftovers

Dignitas entered this last series with a 1 game lead since they progressed to the finals without entering the Loser’s Bracket. The first game was a surprise as we watched Leftovers absolutely destroy Dignitas during the early game. However, Dig reversed the momentum and took the game despite losing so hard early on. After that, Dignitas sailed through the next two games, effectively ending the Leftover’s chance at winning the 2018 Western clash with a 4-0 record in the final best of 7 series.


The weekend has come to a close and Dignitas has the 2018 Western Clash trophy in their hands. The games over the past few days have been gripping, and we’ve seen an array of heroes ranging from Gazlow to Cho’Gall battle it out across the many Nexus maps. We’ve seen underdogs rise up, we’ve watched titans fall, but most of all we got to have a fun weekend watching professionals play the game we all love at the highest level. Congratulations on your victory Dignitas, it’s well deserved!

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