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Western Clash Day 2: Gearing up for the finals

Day 2 of Heroes of the Storm’s Western Clash has officially ended with 3 EU teams and 1 NA team still going strong. Here’s a short synopsis of what happened in each match.

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Match 1: Dignitas vs Method

Dignitas continues their reign as the best EU team, beating Method 3-0. Method resorted to some very unique comps to try and levy an advantage against their opponents, a trademark of any team with Adrd at its helm. In the post-game interview, Snitch informed us that he felt that the off-the-wall team compositions couldn’t work very well against Dignitas because everyone on Dignitas has the ability to play many heroes more than adequately. He believes that this gave his team the versatility to properly respond to Method’s unorthodox drafts in Day 2 of the Western Clash.

Match 2: Leftovers vs Team Freedom

Team Freedom steps up yet again, taking out Leftovers 3-1. Freedom did very well most the games keeping a good macro game rolling but seemed to rely heavily on Medivh in games 1 and 2. In game 3, Leftovers banned out Medivh and Freedom seemed to crumble. Game 4 was a surprise as even with Medivh banned out again, Freedom managed to wrestle a win from Leftovers. This puts Freedom vs Dignitas tomorrow to decide which of the two teams will progress to the Western Clash finals.

Elimination Match 1: Method vs HeroesHearth

Method takes this one 2-0 in a pretty solid fashion. HeroesHearth had some questionable calls that lead to some severe disadvantages and Method seemed indecisive at points throughout the game. In the end, Method knocked HeroesHearth from the Western Clash with a successful core rush in the third game and will progress to Day 3.

Elimination Match 2: Leftovers vs Team Octalysis

This series had a lot of back and forth, but in the end, Leftovers knocks Octalysis out of the Western Clash with a 3-0. It seemed like every time Octalysis spent their ultimates engaging, Leftovers was able to weather the storm and focus on staying alive before turning the fight to wipe Octalysis. Leftovers have shown their team fighting aptitude over the past couple of days. They seem poised and ready to take on Method in Day 3.


Here’s a quick look at the brackets for the Western Clash going into Day 3. You can check them out in more detail on the official HGC website.

HGC, schedule, bracket, Western Clash

HGC, schedule, bracket, Western Clash

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