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One of the most requested features from fans in Call of Duty: Vanguard is an option to inspect weapons. The feature has been in every Call of Duty title since Modern Warfare Remastered but it has yet to make its way to Vanguard. That is, until earlier this week when a certain weapon blueprint has the option for players to inspect it.

The Rune weapon blueprint, which is currently bugged in Vanguard, is the only gun in the game to have a weapon inspect option. The blueprint is a part of the Graveyard Shift bundle and is of the Mastercraft variety. The price tag for the bundle is 2,400 COD Points, or just around $20. Essentially, this means that players can pay that price tag to have the ability to inspect that weapon and that weapon alone.

Vanguard introduces a weapon inspect for one weapon

The weapon inspect feature was originally found in Vanguard following the mid-season update. An option to add a keybind for the feature is currently seen in the game settings. However, when players try to press this keybind in-game, nothing happens. It’s possible that Sledgehammer Games accidentally added the option to assign a keybind to inspect a weapon. However, this essentially confirms the feature is in the works.

It seems the option has gone past that stage, though. The Rune blueprint for the MP40 can be inspected by pressing the assigned keybind. This is demonstrated in a new video from YouTuber PrestigeIsKey.

The YouTuber shows that the blueprint can be fully inspected but there are no flashy animations like in Black Ops Cold War. This leads players to believe that the weapon inspect animation for the blueprint is for the base MP40 and a special one for the Mastercraft blueprint could arrive at a later date. This also goes for all other weapons.

Sledgehammer likely made a mistake adding the weapon inspect option to the Rune blueprint. The developers were presumably testing the feature and accidentally sent it live when this blueprint was released. However, this does further confirm that a weapon inspect option is coming in the future. When that is has yet to be announced.

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