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League Zero is a third-party tournament completely modeled off the Overwatch League. For the last two months, its 12 teams have battled each other on two different map pools and fought bitterly for their playoff seeds. Said playoffs have recently concluded, and now this weekend everything comes to a close!

Both the Novice and Advanced divisions of League Zero are having their grand finals this weekend. The Novice Division finals are today at 7:30 p.m. EST, and the Advanced Division finals are tomorrow (Aug. 10) at 8 p.m. EST!

League Zero Novice Division: Pepega Parrots vs. Plat Chat

League Zero Overwatch grand finals

Plat Chat astounded everybody with their runaway blitz through the League Zero playoffs. Coming in with the lowest possible seed with a 1-7 record, they turned things completely around defeating several dangerous opponents to clinch their spot in the last and biggest game of the season. Opposing them is the Pepega Parrots, one of the most commanding teams in the division who didn’t even need to play in the quarterfinals due to their outstanding map differential. Plat Chat’s star-studded run through the playoffs has made them the wild card to beat. Will the Parrots become the first team to crack their miracle mile?

League Zero Advanced Division: Crest vs. Chengdu Chads

League Zero Overwatch grand finals

Crest have been one of the two most consistently good teams all season and are definitely the favorites leading into the Advanced finals. However, the Chengdu Chads surprised everyone with a commanding victory over the other high-rolling team (Z9), so Crest can’t rest on their laurels going into the big match. Much like their OWL namesake, the Chads are an unpredictable team that isn’t afraid to swap comps on the fly. Their unorthodox strategies have carried them this far, but will it win them the league’s top spot?

League Zero is a thriving community and every single team has crafted their own Twitter and YouTube identity. All of it can be found on the official League Zero Discord, which is hundreds of members strong. If you’re excited about this grassroots Overwatch league and want to follow along, please join us! Today’s finals will be at 7:30 p.m. EST at https://www.twitch.tv/pendyow.

[Disclosure: This author is a caster for the League Zero finals.]

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