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The Washington Justice have signed South Korean DPS player Lee “Happy” Jung-woo, formerly of the Houston Outlaws and Guangzhou Charge. With the 2021 Overwatch League offseason continuing to surprise in preparation for Overwatch 2, star players like Happy went to the free agency market and the Justice acquired his talents to improve on their 2021 season.

Happy’s path to the Justice

After playing for Korean Contenders team Meta Bellum, Happy joined the Guangzhou Charge for the 2019 season. In that season, there were plenty of moments where Happy would win fights single-handedly on Widowmaker or Hanzo and hit nothing but headshots. In the first season in the league, the Charge finished mid-table, but their second season ended up being their best. Then, in 2020, playing in the APAC division due to COVID-19, Happy and the Charge contended for the top spot. They even won a stage over the Shanghai Dragons, with their creative Wrecking Ball/Sigma tank duo and off of the strong connection between Happy and teammate Ou “Eileen” Yiliang. They finished the season fifth in the league but didn’t make it far in the playoffs.

That was when Happy moved to the Outlaws and was able to show off his skills to a Western audience. Early on, against the San Francisco Shock in a six-map thriller, Happy on Hanzo helped the team defeat the last season’s champions. The Outlaws had finally turned a corner, looking to compete against the best in the West. They fought hard and Happy continued to impress, but the Outlaws didn’t win when it mattered most. They couldn’t even win against a lower-seeded Justice in the season playoff qualifiers, finishing their strong but ultimately disappointing season.

Washington’s future

Now, with Happy, the Justice’s roster returns back to the four-player DPS depth that they had in 2021. With the release of Lee “TTuba” Ho-sung, the team added a more experienced player to fight for a starting spot on the team. With how big the free agency market is after teams released a majority of players for Overwatch 2, star players like Happy were available. Now, alongside Jang “Decay” Gui-un, the Justice look to keep their core for 2022, improve and fight as they had throughout the 2021 season.