Washington Justice GM Kate Mitchell retiring after Stage 2
Washington Justice GM Kate Mitchell retiring after stage 2

Washington Justice GM Kate Mitchell retiring after Stage 2

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The Overwatch League seems to be a tough place to be a part of, and this new string of retirements hasn’t stopped yet. The Washington Justice’s general manager Kate Mitchell has announced that she will be stepping down from her role at the end of Stage 2. Her final day as that position will be on May 13, being the general manager since day one.

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Her past

As she states in her tweet above, this retiring has to do with her mental health, taking care of a lot in the Justice organization. She mentions her past in the competitive Overwatch scene, from managing in Contenders Trials with well known players like Damon “Apply” Conti and Shayne “Chayne” La Rocque. One of the more notable mentions is working for former Contenders team Last Nights Leftovers along with the current coach for the Atlanta Reign, Brad “Sephy” Rajani. Plus, she was announced very early on to be part of the Justice team. She came along with their head coach Hyeong-seok “WizardHyeong” Kim and main tank Junhwa “Janus” Song.

Her future

Even with rumors floating around involving poor management and more, Mitchell kept it together throughout the first stage. The Washington Justice themselves didn’t do to well, but they did get their first win towards the end of the stage. It does seem she wants to relax for the rest of the season. However, she states that she doesn’t want to be separated from the league entirely.

She mentions in her article about her retiring about coming back to Overwatch in a small way: “I’ll also pop up here and there to comment on global Overwatch, which I can’t wait to get back into following as a fan. Maybe I’ll even return to casting? Hit me up, Broadcast.gg.”

Hopefully she can recover mentally and contribute for the future of Overwatch in whatever way she can.

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