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Nintendo may just have accidentally revealed the release date for Rocket League’s Free-To-Play update: September 23. Professional Rocket League coach and content creator “Hoodyhooo” posted several screenshots of the Nintendo website on Twitter, while Reddit user /u/Hungray7 uploaded a YouTube video where they scrolled through the news post. Other than the release date, no other new information was shared.

Psyonix has been keeping the date for themselves for the last months, to the chagrin of the Rocket League community. They recently started revealing more and more details about the update, with a promise that it’s coming “in the next few weeks.” With a September 23 release date, they just barely missed the “Summer” part of Summer Update, but at least it means we’ll have it next week.

Psyonix tends to post Rocket League news updates on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, so it’s likely this news was published just a day or two too soon. If the date is real, then expect to see an official announcement by Psyonix this week, for a release next Wednesday. Unless, of course, Psyonix wants to take a leaf out of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X book and just drop the news here and now. We’ll just be waiting regardless.

The Rocket League Summer Update, coming this Fall.

The Rocket League Summer Update was promised to be a big one when it was announced, and now that we know all the deets, it turns out they weren’t wrong. There are many new things to look forward to, such as new ranks, a revamped tournament system, new challenges, streamlined seasons, and cross-platform progression. All in all, Rocket League has a bright future, and while we had to wait a little longer than expected for the Summer Update, we may just finally get our hands on it next week.
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